The Sims 4: All scenarios released so far and how to play them (2023)

Between kits, neighborhood stories and other new features,Die Sims 4has received some good updates in 2021. EA closed the year with Scenarios, pre-made stories that hit that sweet spot between guided storylines and total freedom.

They cover everything from breakup and breaking even to toddlers and holiday drama. If you missed any of the limited-time scenarios,TwistedMexis All Scenarios Modyou can access any scenario at any time, making it easy to catch up on what you missed.

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If you're wondering where to start, ourComplete scenario guidewill tell you everything you need to know about the permanent scenarios and how to play. If you want to know how a previously played scenario feels fresh again, read on to find all the scenarios released so far and some ideas on how to tackle them.

Updated May 30, 2022 by Marissa Lee:As The Sims 4 continues to be updated regularly, new scenarios have been added that we look forward to. A new In the Moodlet scenario has been added with the latest Sims Delivery Express and select scenarios are now also playable with existing households. Too Many Toddlers is now a persistent scenario, and if the player successfully completes it, all toddlers involved will grow up with the Happy Toddlers reward trait. New difficulty tags have also been added so that scenarios are classified as easy, moderate, or hard. Also, all new scenarios are compatible with the base game!


15 earn money

The Sims 4: All scenarios released so far and how to play them (1)


Step 1: Move to a new location and start without a single Simoleon in your bank account.

Step 2: ???

Step 3: Become a millionaire!

Possible results

  • Got a million Simoleons

Right off the bat, the most obvious way to make money would be to get your Sim a job. But there areso many ways to make moneyin The Sims 4, so why not try a more interactive option to get the most out of this scenario?

Selling crafting items is a great way to make money, but there are also many ways to make it more difficult, such as: B. by limiting your Sim to only sell one item. You could even travel to Selvadorada and restore and sell artifacts. Eco-friendly Sims could also take advantage of the Off-the-Grid Lot trait and challenge themselves to create a million Simoleons without negatively impacting the neighborhood's carbon footprint.

Selling items directly is the easiest option, but also the least realistic. Selling items with market tables is more hands-on, for example, selling inSan Myshuno flea market, or on the square ofSelvadorada-HotspotCanteen, The Jaguar Tree.Plopsy is another optionYou don't have to leave home to do this, but it may take some time for offers to come in. In short, exploring areas of the game that you tend to ignore is the best way to get the most out of this scenario.

14 Finding love after a breakup

The Sims 4: All scenarios released so far and how to play them (2)


A messy breakup is even messier for Sims living together. Is there anything worth saving in this relationship or is it time to find a new love? Sims begin the scenario having recently broken up.

Possible results

  • A Sim is soulmates with someone they broke up with
  • A Sim is best friends with someone they broke up with
  • A Sim is a soulmate with someone they've never broken up with

This scenario might require a bit more backstory, but since you have to create a new family for each scenario, imagination is key. How did your Sims meet? How long have you been together and how long have you known each other before dating? Perhaps there is drama between your Sims and some existing families in the neighborhood, or perhaps infidelity is to blame for their breakup?

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Properties are another matterto consider here. How similar or different your Sims are can affect how well they get along or how easy it is to get them to spend time together. Three traits may not seem like a lot, but with over 50 traits in play, the combinations are (almost) endless. The same applies to preferences. Are sims with compatible attitudes always compatible partners?Do opposites attract?It's up to you.

13 Too many toddlers

The Sims 4: All scenarios released so far and how to play them (3)


Can an overwhelmed Sim figure out how to give a bunch of toddlers all the attention and care they need to thrive?

Possible results

  • Toddlers reach level three in four skills

Keeping a toddler happy is a tall order, let alone three toddlers at once. Your caring Sim will be outnumbered here, so how difficult you want to make things is up to you. If you have a lot of toddler toys lying around, these guys will pick up a lot of skills in their free time. Independent toddlers develop their skills even faster without guidance - especially when screens are involved. Leave food on the counter for toddlers to grab and pillows for them to sleep on and they should at least be set to their basic needs.

Some skills will develop naturally over time, like exercise, potty training and social skills, but thinking and imagination are built through more specific actions, so all of your toddlers can have completely different strengths. With each toddler toy that builds a specific skill,You can always swap out the toy if neededto keep things fresh.

12 Perfectly rounded

The Sims 4: All scenarios released so far and how to play them (4)


Some Sims are extremely impressive: they are experts in many subjects, loved by others, and have made their dreams come true without compromise. Being so versatile isn't easy, but it's a path worth pursuing.

Possible results

  • Sim completes a pursuit, has five friends, and is level ten in three skills

What goal do you want your Sim to complete? The pursuit of renaissance sim is great for this scenario sinceskill buildingaccounts for a handful of his aspiration milestones. Speaking of skills, which ones will your Sim focus on? Will he be a specialist or a jack of all trades?

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Next question: Where will your Sims make friends? If they have a career-related desire, it feels good to find work friends. Neighbors are also an easy option for homebody sims, but Sims 4 neighborhoods definitely differ in terms of population. Your Sims could try visiting venues to make friends; For an extra challenge, try meeting each of your five friends in a different type of venue - one in a lounge, one at the gym, another at the museum, etc. With so many venues in the game, your Sims certainly won't be of their choice starve.

11 Power Pair

The Sims 4: All scenarios released so far and how to play them (5)


A married couple working in business make a friendly bet on who will be CEO first. Can your marriage survive cut-throat competition? Can they make room for more than their ambitions in their busy lives?

Both Sims start in the business career as assistant managers with some relevant skills.

Possible results

  • Both Sims make it to CEO
  • One Sim becomes CEO, the other becomes Angel Investor
  • Sims are no longer married

It's a shame you can't play scenarios with pre-made Sims or Townies because this scenario seems absolutely perfect for the Goths as they are the perfect Sims power couple. That could also work well with the Landgraabs. Yes, Geoffrey is a secret agent, and yes, Nancy is in the criminal career, but maybe this scenario could be an opportunity to bring back The Sims 3's alto-landgrabb rivalry? Scenarios ask you to create new Sims, but you can also save an already existing family to your library and then import them into CAS.

From there, this scenario offers a lot of room for creativity as there are three outcomes. The question is, how much money are you willing to invest in your Sims' lives outside of work? Do your Sims want to start a family while growing in their careers? If you work your Sims too hard, their mood will surely suffer, which could make a marriage difficult to sustain. Divorcing your Sims right away would certainly be the easiest way to complete the scenario, but taking them to the top of their careers with their marriage still intact might feel more like an accomplishment; But hey, sometimes The Sims needs some drama.

10 honeymooners

The Sims 4: All scenarios released so far and how to play them (6)


Two Sims are freelance artists, recently engaged and recently moved to a new home away from family and friends. So you're on your own when planning a small wedding and figuring out where to spend your honeymoon on top of that. Will they find new friends to invite to the wedding, or just focus on each other? And where will they go to celebrate the start of their new life together, just the two of them?

Possible results

  • Married Sims Woohoo on vacation

The outcome for this scenario is definitely easier, and there's certainly nothing wrong with speedrunning for a few quick satisfaction points. But the backstory adds a lot to the experience; Imagine artistic Sims designing the art for their wedding venue. Or maybe they could give their artwork to their friends involved in the wedding as a token of appreciation?

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Speaking of friends, it's up to you if you want to have a wedding at all. Although Honeymooners was published with My Wedding Stories in mind, the scenario doesn't specify that you need to hold a wedding event at all; Sims can elope completely free, which will save them tons of money for their honeymoon. It's technically possible to woohoo in a tent (or a bush, if it comes down to it), but your newlyweds will likely be more comfortable in a bed -- better yet, a cozy bed in a luxury villa.

9 involved in conflict

The Sims 4: All scenarios released so far and how to play them (7)


An engaged couple reconsider their relationship after a big argument over how to make grilled cheese. A total meltdown over something so trivial could portend deeper problems. Will cheesy romantic gestures and heartfelt conversations melt the tension leading up to their wedding day?

Sims start out as engaged but have recently had a fight with lots of romance but not so much friendship.

Possible results

  • Sims get married and have no negative feelings towards each other
  • Sims are getting married but have unresolved negative feelings between them
  • Sims break up before marriage
  • Sims break up during marriage

If theMy Wedding Story Trailerdidn't show us anything, it's that wedding planning can be stressful - and sometimes it can show your Sim that they might be marrying the wrong person. Fortunately, however, this scenario has four possible outcomes, making it harder not to complete the scenario than it seems to be to complete. Like Finding Love After A Breakup, how you play this scenario depends entirely on the type of Sims you play. Keeping your Sims married definitely seems like a viable option here, especially since you can still complete the scenario even if they still have negative feelings.

Breaking up during the wedding definitely adds the most dramatic flair, but at the time of writing that feature seems broken sinceMany Simmers don't even have access to this optionunless their Sims flee. The hardest part of this scenario will probably be struggling with all the bugsMy Wedding Storiesinto the game, but hopefully these will be worked out in a patch sooner rather than later. On the plus side, at least this is a permanent scenario.

8 Plant-a-Sim

The Sims 4: All scenarios released so far and how to play them (8)


A Sim recently acquired the PlantSim's mysterious Forbidden Fruit. What harm could a bite or two do? It's not like you're going to magically turn green, sprout leaves and start your life as a PlantSim!?

Can the Sim achieve their best plant self before time flies and fruit runs out? Or will they realize that the plain old sim life is their true calling?

Possible results

  • Complete all objectives while living the PlantSim life!

PlantSims are a commonly neglected type of sim. They were originally introduced in 2017 but haven't received much attention since then.The PlantSims from The Sims 4however, are unique in that they don't remain PlantSims forever. Instead, the effect only lasts for five days. With that kind of time limit, completing this scenario requires a bit of planning. But what does "achieve all goals" mean?

When you start this scenario, your Sim will have the "Wither" moodlet; take them outside to keep them as a plant sim, otherwise they will transform and the scenario will end. After basking in the sunlight for a while, your plant Sim must complete seven objectives, ranging from eating a forbidden fruit (which should already be in your Sim's inventory) to harvesting a perfect quality plant. As long as you keep an eye on your PlantSim's moodlets and have a steady supply of forbidden fruit on hand, achieving your goals should be a walk in the park.

7 No skills no problem

The Sims 4: All scenarios released so far and how to play them (9)


A Sim never seems to get more skilled at... well, anything! It's made everything from interpersonal relationships to getting a steady job more difficult, and as a result, they've had to get pretty resourceful and find ways to work harder or smarter than everyone else. Can this unskilled sim figure out how to hack life and earn some cute simoleons?

Household budget is set to §0 after moving in.

Possible results

  • Have 400,000 Simoleons

The money-oriented target for this scenario leaves your options wide open. You really can make money as you want! If you already have a story or Sim in mind, go for it; This is the perfect sandbox scenario to play with an existing household. If you'd rather start from scratch, gardening is a great way to increase your wealth for (hopefully) free. Start the game inevery season except wintershould mean that wild plants are growing in your neighborhood. Feel free to harvest their loot and plant them for yourself!

Gardening is greatfor passive income as your crops grow while your Sim does other things. Finding frogs and other collectibles is also a good idea, especially since frogs are infinitely breedable. Once you have some safety net, your options open up significantly. begina farm,a business, ora creative hobby! Gamble for tips, sell paintings, create a video game or app, or become a hacker, depending on your Sim's interests and traits. You could probably monetize every hour of your Sim's day if you were really engaged. Or just sign up for a regular nine-to-five.

6 Rom Com

The Sims 4: All scenarios released so far and how to play them (10)


Two engaged Sims have a great friendship but the romance died. "It's Complicated" doesn't even begin to describe their relationship.

Can an aspiring comedian find humor in his personal life, make it big in showbiz AND keep his personal life from collapsing?

Possible results

  • A Sim makes it into the Comedian leg of the Entertainer career and has their initial romantic relationship with Lovers or higher
  • A Sim makes it into the Comedian leg of the Entertainer career and breaks up with their original partner
  • A Sim makes it into the Comedian branch of the Entertainer career and is currently soul mates with their original partner
  • A Sim makes it into the Comedian leg of the Entertainer career, but their original partner has moved out or passed away

The Comedian branch of the Entertainer career begins at level five with Jokesmith. The promotion requirements are also completely manageable with this career, which means you'll have plenty of time to focus on your Sim's relationship - if you want to. Whether you want your Sims to stay together or break up, you'll need to make an effort to move their relationship both ways to complete this scenario. Interestingly, both Sims start out with part-time jobs and level two in the Comedy skill, which means your aspiring prankster only needs one more skill point in Comedy for the Jokesmith promotion.

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Jobs are easy to change, so this isn't really an obstacle; However, the deeply wounded feeling your Sims will share could certainly be. Spending time together will create sad moods for both Sims and it will probably be difficult to make them happy together. Unfortunately, feelings can only be added or changed by spending time together, so your Sims really need to work on their relationship if they're to keep going. Additionally, given the skills each Sim starts out with, career progression shouldn't take that much time unless you want it to.

5 Alien Explorer

The Sims 4: All scenarios released so far and how to play them (11)


A space obsessed sim knows we can't be alone in the universe and this sim is determined to discover all about alien creatures. Unfortunately, getting into space isn't that easy. You will need a lot of free time and possibly money to search for these mysterious creatures.

The first step: building a do-it-yourself rocket that can take the sim (more or less) safely to and from space... how hard can that be?

Possible results

  • Bring back five unique alien creatures from voyages into space

Going to Sixam would be cool, but you don't really need the Get to Work expansion pack to complete this scenario. All you really need is a rocket ship. There are three options ranging in price from 5,000 Simoleons to 10,000 Simoleons, but they all work the same way. Once your rocket ship is fully built (which costs an additional 1,000 Simoleons), Sims unlock the option to explore outer space. Each mission generates a pop-up where you can choose your own adventure, and each story has different outcomes. Sometimes you earn collectibles and sometimes it's rocket upgrades. In less fortunate cases, your rocket may come back damaged.

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It's not necessary to get your Sim into an astronaut career, but it's not a bad idea either - after all, rocket ships are expensive to maintain and astronauts get paid pretty well. Also, at level eight of the career, "Space Mission" becomes your only weekly objective. Those two mandatory space explorations per week should increase your chances of completing this scenario fairly quickly. All in all, your chances of collecting creatures are pretty good with ten aliens and four space rocks to collect.

4 troublemaker

The Sims 4: All scenarios released so far and how to play them (12)


Moving to a new city and school could be a fresh start for a teenager who used to be more interested in causing chaos than doing homework. Will this teenager turn things around and improve his grades at his new school, or turn the school upside down with more mischief?

Possible results

  • Teen is at least a B grader and has five friends
  • Teen is A grader
  • Teen partners in crime with another Sim and has successfully pulled at least one school prank

If you have the Parenthood Game Pack then this is a great opportunity to take advantage ofcharacter values. These are in no way part of the scenario, but they are great for storytelling. Depending on the path your teenager chooses, their character values ​​will naturally develop accordingly. Regular features also play a role here.

Becoming an A-grade student in The Sims 4 is relatively easy as long as your teen keeps up with their homework. Completing school projects early also improves their grades, as does completing extra-credit homework. Also, make sure your Sims complete their class-level chores and get all the skills they need. Becoming a B-grade student follows roughly the same pattern, except teenagers have to balance academics and friendships. Talking to friends in class is helpful for building relationships, as is joining a club.

To become Accomplices, Mischievous Sims must be good friends with the Sim they want to work with. This interaction works the same as Become BFF: once two Sims are good friends, Accomplices are unlocked in the social interaction pie menu under Mischief. To perform a school prank, click on your accomplice and find the mischief cake menu, click prank and then select the prank you want to play. Sims who are in a good mood tend to be more successful with their pranks, but there is also some luck involved in pranking. If you don't get it the first time, hang in there and make sure your accomplices stay friendly to each other in the meantime so they don't lose their relationship.

3 unhappy cook

The Sims 4: All scenarios released so far and how to play them (13)


A Sim is certain that becoming a world famous chef is their destiny. There's just one small problem: this Sim is far more likely than most people to accidentally start a fire while cooking. It's not just a lack of skill, it's just a bit of bad luck.

Can the Sim survive the perilous journey to culinary excellence? Or will they decide that playing with fire isn't for them and fancy drinks seem like the surer path to success?

Possible results

  • Despite the danger, Sim becomes a celebrity chef
  • Sim becomes a celebrity mixologist, a safer choice

On most fronts, a celebrity chef is a better choice than a celebrity mixologist. The work hours are more regular, the pay is much higher, and your Sim has to cook food anyway, which meets your work requirements. However, your Sim has a 75 percent chance of starting a fire every time they use the stove, regardless of food strength or cooking skill.

You could technically get around this by only making quick meals or cold dishes, but that will definitely limit your culinary options. Unfortunately, traits don't help with fire protection, but choosing the Master Chef claim doesn't hurt - it also gives you extra happiness points.

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Withdiscover universityinstalled, you could enroll your aspiring chef in a cooking school.A non-distinguished degreein Culinary Arts starts your graduate's career at level six in the culinary industry. With honors or a regular honors degree, your Sim starts at level seven, and honors with honors puts the best starting position at level eight. However, this is already a tough scenario, so feel free to focus on keeping your Sim alive.

2 Super rich super villain

The Sims 4: All scenarios released so far and how to play them (14)


Working as a secret agent can make a Sim cynical about the world, but it also means spending a lot of time wearing glamorous clothes, playing high-stakes poker, and being very picky about what they drink. This luxurious lifestyle is tempting, but why settle for just being rich when you can be villain too?

Household budget is set to §0 after moving in.

Possible results

  • Have 500,000 Simoleons while in the Villains branch of the Secret Agent career

In the Covert Agent career, Sims can't choose their career path until they get promoted to level eight, so start working on promotions sooner rather than later. Looking at the Villain branch, Charisma, Logic and later Mischief are the skills to prioritize. secret agent isone of the highest paying jobsin-game, so once you've earned those promotions, 500,000 Simoleons should come pretty quickly. A Triple Agent, the top tier (11) in the villain career, earns 515 simoleons per hour, which works out to 2,575 simoleons every day he goes to work. That's a substantial salary, but that doesn't count the time it takes to work your way up the corporate ladder.

You don't really have to be at the peak of your career to complete this scenario, but it will certainly help - especially since your Sim will have to work your way up from zero Simoleons. Luckily, Mirrors (for Charisma) and Logic Books (for Logic) aren't too expensive, so upgrade those skills as soon as possible. If you earn enough Simoleons (or sell enough stuff) to start buying things again, a lucrative hobby like painting or gardening can also help.

1 Im Moodlet

The Sims 4: All scenarios released so far and how to play them (15)


Working in retail can be so stressful! Some Sims just get unlucky and get all the rude customers. Can this Sim leave their troubles at work and relax at home?

Possible results:

  • Control your Sim's emotions and complete all objectives!

This scenario is painfully relatable for many Simmers, and just like in real life, everyone's shutdown looks different. Luckily, the goals of this scenario will keep your Sim on track. You must achieve all of these objectives to complete this scenario:

  • Put yourself in a positive emotion
  • Enter a more intense emotional state
  • Create three emotional paintings
  • Activate the emotional aura on an emotional object
  • Calm down an angry Sim
  • Share insecurities or tell another Sim a self-deprecating joke while feeling embarrassed
  • Shower while you are uncomfortable
  • Call the grief hotline or cry in the shower while you're sad
  • Solve or complain to another Sim about problems while you're tense

That's a lot of goals for one simple scenario! But most of them are pretty easy to do.

positive feelingsare fairly easy to access with items your Sims already have lying around. Get more confident by practicing speaking in a mirror, inspired by looking at (or making) art, and be playful or romantic by interacting with nearby Sims; Comedy and Romance TV channels work even when there are no other Sims around. Negative emotions are tougher as most Sims have fairly happy dispositions. However, properties can come in handy here. Loners will be tense in crowds, ambitious Sims will be tense without promotions, and lazy Sims will be tense with too much work (or exercise). When your Sim goes to work, they usually come back with a negative moodlet too, like sadness or stress. Crying in the shower after a tough shift borders on being too real, even for The Sims.

Speaking of showers, these can also put your Sims in all sorts of moods depending on the type of shower you take. Powerful showers energize Sims, thoughtful showers inspire them, and steamy showers make them flirtatious. When you have a spa day, baths with baths serve the same purpose.

Once your Sim is in the mood, have them draw an emotional painting. You'll need to finish three anyway to complete the scenario, but you can also use the emotional aura of your images to your advantage. Turning on a painting's Emotional Aura will complete the "Enable Emotional Aura on an Emotional Object" objective, and will also make it easier to get your Sim into the mood that matches the painting.

However, keep in mind that if targets mention a specific emotion (e.g. angry or sad), the emotion in the target must be your Sim's dominant emotion - the one that changes the color of the UI around your Sim's icon. So if they're in an uncomfortable mood but have a dazed emotion, the dazed emotion wins and their actions don't count towards the uncomfortable goal. The same rule applies to other Sims as well. Enraging a Sim is not enough to complete the Calm an Angry Sim goal if their dominant emotion is not anger.

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Can you cheat in Sims 4 scenarios? ›

You can also use Cheat Codes with no consequences, though if you're invested in the story, you may just want to play through it normally—the choice is yours. There are currently two permanent Scenarios and a handful of limited-time ones that need to be completed between certain dates before they disappear forever.

What happens when you complete Sims 4 scenarios? ›

Successfully completing a scenario in The Sims 4 rewards the whole household with several thousand Satisfaction Points apiece. Satisfaction Points can be spent on bonus traits and powerful potions in the in-game Reward Store.

How do you play past scenarios on Sims 4? ›

They consist of themed challenges that players can select from the main menu. Hovering over a scenario will show required Sims the player should start with and potential story endings. The player will then be given the option to start the scenario in an existing save or in a new save when they click "Play Now".

Is there a time limit on Sims 4 scenarios? ›

Are the challenges timed? We do keep track of Sim time as you're playing, so you'll get to see how much Sim time has elapsed from start to your outcome, however there is no time limit once you've started the Scenario.

Can Sims 4 accidentally get pregnant? ›

Initiating a pregnancy in The Sims 4 is opt-in rather than opt-out. Regular WooHoo never results in pregnancy, and Sims who are hoping to start a family in this way need to use the 'Try for Baby' option instead.

Can Sims be murderers Sims 4? ›

Is there a murder mod for the Sims 4? Yes – we're talking about the Extreme Violence mod. This is a fantastic extension that allows all kinds of murders to happen in the game. You can run a Sim over with your car, you can shoot them with a gun, you can choke them to death…

Is there an end goal to The Sims? ›

There is no end goal and you can do with your Sims whatever you want. You can have them live their lives as good as possible, or you can be a skip being Mister Nice Guy and do terrible things with them. It might sound sadistic, but in a way it is fun to experiment with the says to torture your Sims.

Can Sims realize they are in a simulation? ›

They do think, and have consciousness but are unaware that they exist within a simulation.

Do Sims get robbed in sims 4? ›

Burglars are drawn to your lot on a random basis after 10PM after your Sims go to sleep. You can of course play with these odds and modify your chances with a new Lot Trait and Lot Challenge. The Good Neighborhood Lot Trait will lessen the chances of Burglars ever coming to your home.

What is the super rich villain Sims 4 scenario? ›

The Super Rich Supervillain Scenario is an intermediate or medium challenge, and it's all about Fortune and Career. To complete this challenge, Simmers need to create a Sim and become a rich and powerful evil mastermind after starting with zero Simoleons.

Why is there no Sims 5? ›

When is The Sims 5 release date? There is currently no release date for The Sims 5. Fortunately, we do know that EA is now working on the game under the working title Project Rene. Unfortunately, we also know that its development is still in its early stages - so don't expect it to release anytime soon.

Can you start a scenario mid game Sims 4? ›

Please note that there are some Scenarios in the game that only let you begin through an entirely new Household. However, you are still able to Start a Scenario through any Save Game of your choice if you'd like to do so.

What is the point of Sims 4 scenarios? ›

In aSims 4 scenario, the player gets a backstory for their Sims and a list of requirements they should fulfill. Even though the end result should be the same, they have the freedom to decide how they will get to the finish, which makes for a lot of creative solutions.

Do scenarios work with mods on Sims 4? ›

In the Sims community, with new updates come new mods to accompany them, and scenarios have been no exception. Modders have taken to creating custom scenarios for simmers, incorporating other mods and challenges, and even expanding on vanilla game functions.

How do you complete making money scenarios? ›

New Scenario can be found in The Sims 4's Main Menu on the right side of the screen under Load Game. One of them is called the Making Money Scenario. Basically, players need to create one Sim or a large family, and they have to collect 1,000,000 Simoleons. The goal is to obtain it before the Sim dies of old age.

What are the requirements for too many toddlers Sims 4 scenarios? ›

To complete the Too Many Toddlers Scenario, players must create one Young Adult and three Toddlers. All three Toddlers need to reach level three in four different Skills before their birthdays. There is only one possible outcome from this Scenario, which is Talented Toddlers.


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