The List of 12 Best Chinese CEO Dramas (Update 2022) (2023)

If you are lookingChinese dramasabout a romantic CEO, here is the list. C-Dramas about CEOs and employees are always interesting to watch.

Who isn't attracted to a charismatic, handsome, young and wealthy CEO? You will definitely feel at home when you stare at the screen for a long time.

The plot is very interesting about what happens when an office worker gets romantic with her boss so that the awkwardness gets too cute. So, here are the 12 best Chinese CEO dramas below!

List of the best Chinese CEO romance dramas

1. My favorite boss

The List of 12 Best Chinese CEO Dramas (Update 2022) (1)

My Dearest Boss tells the story of Yu Xing Chui's life, which always seems to be full of bad luck and problems. Once she was working late at the company and suddenly received a mysterious phone call saying she was about to inherit her aunt's $10 million fortune.

Since then his life began to change. The first night he lived in the mansion, Yu Xing Chui was so taken with the luxurious atmosphere that he went through the wrong door.

She enters the house of his new neighbor, who turns out to be Liu Yuan An, the boss or CEO where he works. This best Chinese CEO series was released in 2022 with 30 episodes.

2. Hello Mr. Gu

The List of 12 Best Chinese CEO Dramas (Update 2022) (2)

Gu Nan Zhou is the CEO and heir of the Gu Group who does his best at work but hates crowds. One day he has to marry a poor woman, Zhou Jian Qing. They have opposite personalities and fight at first, only to become intimates with each other over time.

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Over time, these opposite souls begin to understand each other and help heal the moment they fall in love. This Chinese CEO drama was released in 2021 with 30 episodes and is available on Viki.

3. Time to fall in love

The List of 12 Best Chinese CEO Dramas (Update 2022) (3)

The plot of this drama follows Su Yan Xi who is forced to replace her twin sister in order to enter into a contractual relationship with wealthy President Gu Xi Cheng.

He was forced to follow the words of his ailing grandmother because his grandmother wanted him to find happy love. Su Yan Xi's bright and optimistic personality melts Gu Xi Cheng's cold demeanor, revealing a warm and tender heart.

However, the joy of love is instantly shattered by the pain of her lies, which hide her true identity from him. But will Gu Xi Cheng be able to forgive him? Time to Fall in Love is a CEO Romance C-Drama released in 2022 with a total of 24 episodes.

4. Feel good, Mr. Ling

The List of 12 Best Chinese CEO Dramas (Update 2022) (4)

Following is the story of how Gu An brings Xin Ling Yue home when she meets the heir to a corporation after an accident.

Ling Yue is badly injured and has lost her memory. This made Gu An Xin unable to leave him easily and finally decided to take care of him at home.

They have opposite natures and never get along. But over time, both realize their feelings for each other and begin to understand. This is one of the best Chinese CEO romantic dramas. Released in 2022 with 24 episodes and is available on Viki.

5. Love in a loop

The List of 12 Best Chinese CEO Dramas (Update 2022) (5)

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Bai Zhen Xiang is a gruff and narcissistic CEO who is constantly dying of hatred for his employees. Each time he dies, his time resets to the same day and his associate Li Lu Duo is stuck in a time warp.

To get out of the time loop, Lu Duo needs to contact Zhen Xiang, which drives him crazy. He tries his best to change and save her until he finally falls in love with her. It was released in 2022 with 24 episodes.

6. Our glamorous time

The List of 12 Best Chinese CEO Dramas (Update 2022) (6)

Li Zhi Cheng is a former soldier who is ordered to take over his family's declining business. He has a fateful brief encounter with Lin Qian, an independent and beautiful employee who has just graduated but is struggling to start her own business.

Since Li Zhi Cheng had no business experience, nobody in the industry expected this newly appointed CEO. But with the help of Lin Qian's work experience and encouragement, coupled with Li Zhi Cheng's wit and methods, they take Wen Da's business to new heights.

The Chinese drama CEO was released in 2018 with 50 episodes. You can watch it on Viki and Apple TV with English subtitles.

7. My own master

The List of 12 Best Chinese CEO Dramas (Update 2022) (7)

It tells the story of Ning Meng who dreams of becoming an investment director, but seems to have strayed further from that dream since graduating.

He is currently working at an investment firm under Lu Ji Ming and has never had a chance to advance in his career. Lu Ji Ming believes that Ning Meng doesn't have what it takes to be a qualified investor and this leaves him at an impasse.

Eventually, she got fed up with his no-where-going attitude and decided to look for work elsewhere. Finding a new job was the hardest part for Ning Meng, but despite the setbacks, she refused to give up.

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Ning Meng gets a job at a new investment company and takes the lessons she learned while working at Lu Ji Ming and applies them to her new position.

On the other hand, Lu Ji Ming secretly helped Ning Meng from the sidelines. He'd also learned a few lessons himself watching Ning Meng grow into a talented professional. The series was released in 2022 with 32 episodes and is available on Viki.

8. Here is my exclusive treat

The List of 12 Best Chinese CEO Dramas (Update 2022) (8)

Yun Xiang Xiang gets a chance to start his life over and avenge him. In his previous life, Yun Xiang Xiang and his mother lost everything after falling victim to his father's plot with a concubine and an illegitimate daughter.

Yun Xiang Xiang gets a second chance when he is reincarnated on the day his mother died. In order to change her tragic fate, he begins to plan a path of sweet revenge. This time she meets Fu Si Han, a CEO with a predominant disability.

Despite being disabled and confined to a wheelchair, there is no hiding the imposing presence of a strong man. His appearance in her life made her journey much smoother. Chinese drama CEO and Poor Girl was released in 2021 with 34 episodes.

9. Well-dominated love

The List of 12 Best Chinese CEO Dramas (Update 2022) (9)

This drama follows the romance between a picky CEO and his temp. Nie Xing Chen was Yan Jing Zhi's new assistant, and although he was meeting him for the first time, he already knew his boss's daily habits.

He is an overbearing CEO with a high IQ but suffers from mild OCD. He is hard at work, strives for perfection in life, and is also the ideal man in the hearts of many girls.

On the other hand, Nie Xing Chen was the perfect secretary at work, sweet, beautiful, always had a positive attitude and optimistic about life. Yan Jing Zhi is known as a cold-hearted boss, but Nie Xing Chen managed to survive and thaw out. It was released in 2020 with 24 episodes and is available on Prime Video.

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10. Girlfriend

The List of 12 Best Chinese CEO Dramas (Update 2022) (10)

Tells the story of Wen Xiao Nuan, who is hired to pretend to have a crush on Ye Fei Mo, the CEO of Anning Culture, and is known for being very cold and difficult to fall in love with.

Wen Xiao Nuan was offered the position by Ye Fei Mo's mother. He accepted because he needed money to support the Huangmei Opera Group.

But the fake romance became a reality after they spent a lot of time together. This situation also made Ye Fei Mo like Wen Xiao Nuan until the two fell in love. This is one of the best Chinese CEO dramas released in 2020 with 36 episodes.

11. You are my destiny

The List of 12 Best Chinese CEO Dramas (Update 2022) (11)

This series tells the story of two people who meet by chance on a cruise ship and change each other's destinies. The shy and indecisive administrative assistant Chen Jia Xin meets the handsome and charming Wang Xi Yi and heir to a conglomerate.

Upon their return, the two realize Chen Jia Xin's pregnancy and decide to marry her off with a divorce clause. The child once born will still be with Xi Yi, who will marry the woman he loves, Shi Anna. But is it that simple?

This drama was released in 2020 with 36 episodes. It's available on Viki and Wetv.

12. Female CEO loves me

The List of 12 Best Chinese CEO Dramas (Update 2022) (12)

Xia Meng Wei is a female CEO who is known for being grumpy and rude, and likes to give orders to her employees. One day she falls in love with a man named Gu Yan, a salesman associated with her company.

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They have very different, even contradictory, personalities. Can this female CEO get the heart of Gu Yan she craves? This Chinese drama about female CEOs will be released in 2022 with 12 episodes.

That was a list of top 12 Chinese CEO romantic dramas that you should watch. The Chinese romantic dramas mentioned above have very interesting storylines with epic cinematography. It will suit you very well, don't miss it. Thank you for reading this article!

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