Review: Lil Hawk – Lil Hawk Little Red Riding Hood (2023)

The album "Lil Hawk - Lil Hawk Red Riding Hood" is one of the best rap albums from Inglewood, California. Lil Hawk had charisma, talent and raw energy when he was rapping. The whole thing is 100% gangsta rap with action packed lyrics. His album resembles a hood drama or documentary. Action, drama, thrills, charisma and energy make this album so great. Lil Hawk was the Blood version of Snoop Dogg. You will love his gangsta rap style in his singing because this is real gangbang music. Dangerous Records' old-school sound suits Lil Hawk best.

The album Lil Hawk - Lil Hawk Red Riding Hood was a 1997 album distributed in CD-R format and on cassettes in the Inglewood and Los Angeles neighborhoods/cities. The album had 18 tracks. The album was supposed to be released in 1999. That didn't happen, however, as Lil Hawk became involved in a murder case over a murder he allegedly committed, which landed him in prison in April 1999. (He didn't.) Lil Hawk is currently serving a life sentence of 25 years in a California prison. Because of this, Ronnie Ron has decided not to release this album through Quality Records, Bayside or City Hall distribution. Lil Hawk's imprisonment hurts the success of his album, Lil Hawk Red Riding Hood.

The producers of this album were Tweedy Bird Loc, J Stank, Leroy Dukes, QLuso and Ronnie Ron. Some of the sound and production doesn't live up to top-flight frugal recording standards, as Lil Hawk recorded some tracks on a 4-track tape recorder hooked up to a mono speaker. Some of these songs were recorded on an 8-track machine in his neighborhood. That's why the vocals on some tracks are deeper than the music.

The first time Lil Hawk's album Red Riding Hood was mentioned was in an interview titled THE UNTOLD STORY Whatever Happened to CONTROVERSY Getting the Facts Straight by Dee D, which included the liner notes to the 1996 album, Bangin' On Wax Greatest Hits.

[Who is Lil Hawk? Did he rap on the first Bangin' On Wax album and is it true he has a solo album out now?

No, Lil Hawk didn't rap on the first Bangin' On Wax album, he rapped on the Saga Continues album and the Damu Ridas album. Yes, he did have a solo album called Lil Hawk Red Riding Hood.]

At the end of the interview, Lil Hawk Red Riding Hood's album is mentioned for the second time. This album was only mentioned twice in the entire interview.

[Ronnie Ron, where is Dangerous Records going from here? What's next?

Dangerous Record has GOED SOLO. I am no longer distributed by Quality Records or Warlock Records. Dangerous Records has a lot of projects coming up. We do our own thing. Fuck that crap. I have a brand new album from "Tweedy Bird Loc", "Lil Hawk Red Riding Hood", G.W.B., Bloods & Crips Bangin' On Wax Greatest Hits. There's also Dangerous Records' Greatest Hits, which has them all and much more.]

The Song Lil Hawk is a self-explanatory song that serves as an autobiography of Lil Hawk himself. The song "Lil Hawk" showcases the best of Lil Hawk's lyrical talent and skill as this song is one of his heaviest songs yet. Lil Hawk sang this song by himself. Y'all know how Lil' Hawk does it! With his gangsta rap style he never goes wrong. And of course it's that real Damu gangster shit. That damu shit. This is real gangbang music. P-Funk meets G-Funk on the song Lil Hawk. The beats are insane and downright sick! This is driveby music.

The song "Lil Hawk" was the title track and Hood single from his 1998 self-titled album Lil Hawk. The song was also included on the 1997 compilation album The Best of The Damu's.

Der Song Lil Hawk probiert Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce, George Clinton – Atomic Dog, MC Breed – Ain’t No Future In Your Frontin und Yello – O Yeah. Die Beats enthalten Samples von Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce, George Clinton – Atomic Dog und MC Breed – Ain’t No Future In Your Frontin.

The Westside Ho-Riders are back in the damn door. YG Lil Hawk on a solo bolo T-I-P trying to hide his fucking grip. Red rides through your hood with 2 straps on your hips. He's a B-D-O-G (Blood Gang member) who doesn't give a shit. He saves the block in his fresh cherry red Chucks.

He resides in Inglewood, California. His brother Big Hawk is newly outlawed and ready to go head-to-head with anyone. And every nigga he know rep the B (whoop whoop) This is the Blood Gang.

Now he goes to the store to buy a fifth Thunderbird with the cherry Kool-Aid and a pack of Big Red. Then it can go. That's because he never knows when he might run into a whore or a slut with a big butt. Lil Hawk is back in the area and what has he discovered? A slut with a big booty and a bunny that bounces.

Now come and ride me to the other side of town where the damn homies left it. Lil Hawk introduces his homeboys and homegirls in verse 2.

[Verse 2]
Now come and ride me to the other side of town where the damn homies left it
My nigga S.P., my buddy Lil' Nut, my chilled nigga 104 is the cut
Lil' D.O.G, Big Go and Lil' O', Smiley, KB we all form the '4'
Big China Dog, 7-11 on the Fame, my nigga T-Whirl with the damn meter

YG will do most of the work. You go out with a bang when Lil Hawk lurks his goal and then twitches. The shirts are red and messy. Yeah, bastard, don't worry him. And what the hell got you upset in the first place knowing you can't fuck with that bloodcloth boy? So you better slow down your roll. Y'all motherfuckers really don't know that this little nigga stay strapped. He play the nigga peeling the damn hats

Lil Hawk put a clever gangsta rap twist on the street by rapping to the rhythm of the nursery rhyme "This Old Man."

Because you motherfuckers really don't know
For that little nigga to stay buckled
He play the nigga peeling the damn hats

See, Lil Hawk is the dumbest. So focus your gaze on him. He shakes, breaks, makes and takes all these fake MCs. 6 on a TV, 7-11 when he rolls the dice. And every time he goes for a walk, he limp.

B Brazy rolled in in a Cadillac Coupe De Ville, bumping into the M and the L while rolling up a dub sack. Lil Hawk jumped in the coupe and with one swipe of that shit roared the Blood shout "whoop whoop!".
It's good to know that Braze is on cloud 4.

And it's no competition when it comes to just plain flowing. Lil Hawk just stick his styles on you like a dick and all the weak ass niggas just make her his bitch.

Oohwhee, who can that be? It's that nigga Lil Hawk Y-motherfuckin'-G He's constantly on his way and breaking out all those M-U double t-shirts. The tail is in her ass, the body is full of fleas. You can't do anything with that. So don't even stumble. 'Cause everything a nigga do is gonna suck! FEMALE DOG!

Lil Hawk shows in the following lyrics that he is a passionate and competitive MC.

Look, I'm the most idiot, so focus and keep your eyes on me
I shake, break, make, take all these fake ass MCs
6 on a TV, 7-11 when I roll
And every time I go for a walk, I limp

And it's unrivaled when it comes to pure flow
I just stick styles on you like a dick and all weak ass niggas I just make my bitch
(Spyder: Ooh-Whee, who can that be?)
It's that nigga Lil Hawk Y-mothafuckin'-G
I'm learning more and more to rip all these M-U double t-shirts
The tail is in her ass, the body is full of fleas
You can't do anything with this, so don't even stumble
'Cause everything a nigga do is gonna be shit!

Lil Hawk displays lyrical talent, skill and skill with the rhymes in his lyrics. Notice how the suffix rhymes every last word in its lyrics. A suffix is ​​a morpheme added to the end of a word to form a derivation, e.g. B. -ation, -fy, -ing, -itis. Read the texts below for a better understanding.

YG Lil' Hawk on a solo bolo T-I-P
Try to control my fucking grip
Red Riding through your hood with 2 straps on my waist
I'm a B-D-O-G, I don't give a fuck
I'm saving the block with my fresh cherry Chucks

Someone sets fire to the chronicle
Westside niggas call this shit bionic

"A Lil Something From Da West Side" was a leftover track and posse cut intended to be included on the Lil Hawk Red Riding Hood album due out in 1999. This song is featured on the 2000 album Various Artists - The Best of Ronnie Ron's Gangsta-Lation.

"Lil Something From Da West Side" was a tape cut by Damu Ridas that served as a freestyle rap track. Lil Hawk, Lil Ms. China (Ms. China aka Ms. Chyna), Pimp D (then known as YG Pimp D) and Tip Toe each had a verse. B Brazy, Tip Toe and all of them had theirs too hands on the line. The track "Lil Something From Da West Side" proved to the world and fans that Pimp D was NOT Tip Toe.

The bells and spooky synthesizers are what drive this squad insane. The bells and synths give the song an eerie, mysterious, out-of-control vibe. The vocal example is from Above the Law - Untouchable.

Inglewood Barz is a freestyle rap track by Lil Hawk with that classic Dangerous Records sound and a hard-hitting bass that's sure to get your speakers pounding! The bass level is quite high. The highs in his vocals are noticeable as Inglewood Barz was recorded in 1997 on a 4-track tape recorder connected to a mono speaker, which is why the vocals are lower pitched than the music.

The electronic synths and new-school rap sound on My Shit Bang don't suit Lil Hawk at all. "My Shit Bang" is more of a hit-or-miss track. The highs in his vocals are quite good as his vocals could have been better mastered. The highlight here is the treble.

104% "No Kut" was one of the heaviest songs Lil Hawk recorded in 1999 before his prison sentence. The song was non-stop freestyle, as Lil Hawk himself explained. This song was also used in Damu Ridas - How Deep Is Your Hood in 1999.

Lil' Hawk Red Riding Hood rollin' on the solo bolo top, bitch You know what I mean? Represents Inglewood to the fullest. Inglewood For Life, nigga. He's 104% a no-kut nigga. Muthafuckas out there can't make Lil Hawk fade away.

He call fake shy niggas cos they couldn't even take care of the homies. He calls out bitch ass niggas still trying to play the part of being down and offering support when actually they're doing nothing to support their causes. Bustas just don't want to give the homies their props. He also calls out cowards. Lil Hawk is no fucking joke. So that's the best way to recognize it. Nothing to do with this West Side OG (then YG).

Lil Hawk copies and mimics Das EFX's cool rap style in these lyrics.

Drive up this...err...big block
I'm holding my giant Glock and I'm about to burst
You get wiped if you want to scrap
And if you didn't know, Inglewood is on the m-eez-ap

Let all the hoes ride his sack and no kut for the punks that ain't done with this shit. Lil Hawk from Mafia I keeps taking hit after hit. Lil Hawk Red ride through your hood and make these niggas ducks fast Now you should know better. And all busty niggas gotta stay in their place

These lyrics contain many references to music, sports and movies. Take the time to analyze them.

And I come more than Tony Montana
I pop it like N-B-A jam
Like N.W.A. when they screwed up the program
Maybe it's because I'm too skilled at crossfading
I'm no Special Ed, but you can say I made it
And I don't DJ for fun, you know, I screw things up easily

I'm not Snoop, but I'm fast picking up the cut
Making the bitches say, "Oh, don't stop!"

Like Ice Cube I leave niggas frozen
And don't get caught slipping when it's dark
'Cause the heartless niggas be the first to ignite
That damn young G
Two, twenty-three, nineteen, seventy-three, I am
Flexin style like this crens I've ever had

For some, "Westside Moment" is a Hood classic. However, when listening to Westside Moment, you can't help but feel that something isn't quite right. Lil Hawk's flow can't keep up with the pace of Westside Moment. He raps way too fast and at such a fast pace that his lyrics don't fit the mid-tempo beats. His vocals for Westside Moment were recorded on a 4-track cassette player connected to a mono speaker. Don't let that stop you from listening to the track though. Lil Hawk is still struggling with that. Westside Moment was probably recorded sometime between 1994 and 1999. The track samples Luniz - I Got 5 On It.

Representn was a track recorded for the 1996 album Lil Hawk Red Riding Hood. B Brazy takes charge of the chorus by yelling "Woop Woop." Representn is a duo cut by Lil Hawk/B Brazy. Her vocals were recorded on a 2-track tape recorder at Lil Hawk's home. Representn is pretty similar to Blood Life, My Shit Bang and Inglewood Barz when it comes to gangsta rap.

"Back To Reality" was recorded in 1996. Lil Hawk killed everything with his awesome lyrics on this awesome track. Back To Reality is the best Lil Hawk track of 1996. The song was also included on the 1997 compilation album The Best of The Damu's.

Sik Wit It's a sick track that uses a sick beat. The song is a hardcore banger and a Hood classic. Lil Hawk uses slowed down, choppy and twisted vocals throughout the song. The song was also included on the 1997 compilation album The Best of The Damu's. Sik Wit It uses the same beats and bass lines as Tweedy Bird Loc - Stupid Shit.

All My Niggas was a holdover from the Dangerous Records vault and a leftover track that was supposed to be on the Damu Ridas album. "All My Niggas" was a tape cut by Damu Ridas that served as a freestyle rap track. Lil Hawk, Tip Toe, Spyder (G Spyder) and B Brazy each spit a verse on "All My Niggas." This song is featured on the 2000 album Variant Artists - The Best of Ronnie Ron's Gangsta-Lation.

Shit Ain't Over was a track featuring Dog, Green Eyez, Laniak, Lil Hawk and Yank. Shit Ain't Over can be found on 1997's Bang 'n On Wax: The Best Of The Damu's.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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