Not so with Berry Challenge 2 (2023)

Couldn't get enough of the originalNot so Berry Legacy Challenge? Do you wish you could play a challenge with all the new packs, careers, and aspirations? If you've been dreaming of an updated Not So Berry Challenge (2020), look no further!

Welcome to Not So Berry Legacy Challenge 2, a ten generation rags to riches legacy challenge with color themed heirs. Note: This challenge requires basically every pack except My First Pet Stuff and Journey to Batuu (... you all know why).

Many thanks to@lilsimsieand@ always simfor the inspiration (and the rules!).

ground rules:

  1. Each heir must represent the color of the generation (like hair, makeup, clothing), but fair skin is not necessary.
  2. Spouse colors don't matter as they are not part of the challenge. Unless otherwise noted, you can do whatever you want with it.
  3. Cheats can be used, but not excessively.
  4. You can live wherever you like, unless something is laid down in the rules of a generation.
  5. Each generation is intended to complete both the career and aspiration of the heir, unless expressly stated otherwise.
  6. Keep lifespan at normal.

Generation Eins: Onyx

Not so with Berry Challenge 2 (1)

Long story short, your family kicked you out. However. You don't care! You've always been the black sheep of the family, and now you have to move out on your own, just like you always planned. You work odd jobs to make ends meet, but you never seem to get anywhere.

Trains:Slob, Bad, Freegan

Aspiration:beach life

Career:Odd jobs only


  • Complete the pursuit of beach life.
  • Start with 100 Simoleons on an empty lot.Hard Mode: Start as a teenager.
  • Marry the first adult Sim who rates you 5 stars for a job.
  • Max out fishing and crafting skills.
  • Your only friend is your spouse.

Generation Two: Sapphire

Not so with Berry Challenge 2 (2)

Growing up you had a hard life. Your parents always struggled and rarely had time to raise you. You spent a lot of time eating snacks instead of meals and hanging out in the park. Honestly? You resent them somehow. You know you will never treat your own children like that. In fact, you'd do anything for your kids... including a little five-finger discount at the neighbor's house.

Trains:Family oriented, kleptomaniac, loves the outdoors

Aspiration:Big happy family

Career:Babysitter (teenagers), business


  • Complete the Big Happy Family pursuit and reach level 10 in the Business career.
  • Max out the logic, mischief and parenting skills.
  • Have a negative relationship with both parents.
  • Every time you woohoo, it has to be "trying to have a baby."
  • Add a new piercing or tattoo for each new child you have.

Generation three: morganite

Not so with Berry Challenge 2 (3)

You grew up in a busy household. You shared a room with all your siblings and never had any privacy. To get away from it all, you spent your days on the monkey bars and later on the climbing wall. You get your own apartment when you're old enough, in a distant city, and quickly learn that you're much more special than your upbringing would have you believe.

Trains:Adventurous, right, selfish

Aspiration:extreme athlete

Career:stilbe influences


  • Complete the Extreme Sports Enthusiast aspiration and reach level 10 in the Style Influencer career.
  • Maximize fitness, climbing, and skiing or snowboarding skills.
  • Move to Mt. Komorebi as a young adult.
  • Marry a Sim you meet on the slopes.
  • Only have one child (you can cheat for that).

Fourth Generation: Quartz

Not so with Berry Challenge 2 (4)

Your parents were something of a socialite, but you've always shied away from the limelight. You like cats and romance and all you really want to do is knit clothes for charity. You run a book club and sometimes play the piano when the other book club members ask you to.

Trains:Cat lover, creative, bookworm

Aspiration:Lord oder Lady of the Knits

Career:Politician (branch of Charities)


  • Complete the Lord or Lady of the Knits aspiration and reach level 10 in the Politician career on the Charity Organizer branch.
  • Max out Knitting, Charisma, and Piano skills.
  • Adopt at least two cats from the shelter and one stray cat.
  • Run a book club.
  • Have a recurring relationship with a book club member.
  • Never marry.

Fifth Generation: Citrine

Not so with Berry Challenge 2 (5)

You always wanted to be the best at everything. You really, really want to impress your parents, but they don't seem to have time for you between taking care of all the cats and the book club. You get the best grades in school, participate in extracurricular activities, and even party the hardest at college. You never want to settle down, but you can't stop love from budding when one day your academic rival winks instead of growls. Also, you really, really hate cats.

Trains:Ambitious, genius, perfectionist

Strive: AAcademician

Career:Scout (child/teen), engineer


  • Complete the Academic Aspiration and reach level 10 in the Engineering career.
  • Maximize skills in robotics, research and debate, dancing, and DJ mixing.
  • Go to university, live on campus and get a degree (computer science or physics).
  • Marry a Sim from the competing university.
  • As the eldest, you are pursuing a second degree.

Sixth Generation: Jade

Not so with Berry Challenge 2 (6)

As an engineer's child, you're familiar with mechanics and electronics and the inevitable plumes of dark smoke. As you get older, you realize that you want to offset your parents' carbon footprint by living a totally green life. As a vegetarian you love to come up with new and creative recipes and the cooking channel is the soundtrack of your life.

Trains:Vegetarian, Green Fiend, Recycling student


Career:construction planner


  • Complete the Eco Innovator aspiration and reach level 10 in the Architectural Designer career.
  • Max out Cooking, Gourmet Cooking and Juice Bubble skills.
  • Have a "green" property with extremely reduced bills.
  • Cultivate a herb garden for your kitchen.
  • Host a community barbecue every Saturday afternoon.

Generation Seven: Amber

Not so with Berry Challenge 2 (7)

After growing up eating collards and tofu, you can't help but eat as much of whatever you can as you can. Your parents were completely selfless, but all you ever wanted was to be spoiled. You make it your life's mission to be as rich as possible and become super famous through acting. Nearing your death, you become overwhelmed by altruism and give the family fortune to charity.

Trains:Confident, hates children, glutton

Aspiration:Fabulously wealthy



  • Complete the Fabulously Wealthy pursuit and reach level 10 in the acting career.
  • Max out acting and mixology skills.
  • Marry an actor more famous than you.
  • As the Elder, master the Wellness skill.
  • Use the "Money 100" cheat on the last day of your Sim's life.

Achte Generation: Amazonit

Not so with Berry Challenge 2 (8)

Okay, so your parents overdid it and now you have no money. Do not worry about it! You have always been interested in nature and travel, so you decide to become an archaeologist. That brings in some money... right? You also take on a job as a gardener just in case.

Trains:Goofball, well, unpredictable

Aspiration:scholar of archaeology



  • Complete the Archeology Fellow aspiration and reach level 10 in the Gardener career.
  • Max out skills in archeology, horticulture and Selvadorian culture.
  • Collect all 9 relics.
  • Have twins a few days before you become an elder (you can cheat for that).

Generation Neun: Topas

Not so with Berry Challenge 2 (9)

You're a really important person in your career, which kinda sucks because you're secretly a magician too! When you were very young, you used magic to save your elderly parents from dying. Spoiler alert: It didn't work, but you continued on your magic journey. You use humor to deflect questions about otherworldly events around you. Your faithful dog is your closest companion, but also far too smart for a normal dog... Hopefully no one at work will notice.

Trains:Clumsy, loner, happy

Aspiration:Magic & Sorcery



  • Complete the Spellcraft & Sorcery aspiration and reach level 10 in the career as a salaried employee.
  • Maximize comedy and pet training skills.
  • Have a confidante (preferably your dog, but it's up to you!).
  • Break up with your partner when they realize you're a magician. Then marry her to make sure they keep the secret.

Tenth Generation: Ruby

Not so with Berry Challenge 2 (10)

Her family has a long and illustrious history. You were told that your oldest ancestor had nothing more than 100 simoleons in his name. Well, you have no interest in ending your good name. They're trying to perpetuate the bloodline with immortality (...and social media) forever.

Trains:Snob, art lover, hothead


Career:Social Media (Branch Internet Personality)


  • Complete vampire family quest and reach level 10 social media career in internet personality industry.
  • Max out skills in painting, pipe organ, media production, and vampire lore.
  • Become a master vampire.
  • Become a 5 Star Celebrity.
  • Turn your spouse into a vampire*.
    • *You can name the Ruby heir Carlisle if you wish. Under no circumstances are you to call her Edward.

Congratulations! You have completed the Not So Berry Legacy Challenge 2! …What now?


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