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In stock

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick (3)

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Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick (6)

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Most helpful positive

Great product at a great price!


I really appreciate this lipstick! It lasts all day and all night and is available in many colors. I have 5! 10/10

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Saturated, jet black matte lips that last. Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick is a super intense matte liquid lipstick that gives a flawless finish that lasts up to 16 hours. With a unique applicator, this lipstick can be applied straight from the bottle with precision.

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GREAT – 87%recommend


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Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick reviews

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4.3von 85 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Criticism

Nice color


I love the color of this lipstick! It also smells very good. The color is very pigmented but I'm not the biggest fan of the formula. It's super sticky and le...

  1. Nice color


    I love the color of this lipstick! It also smells very good. The color is very pigmented but I'm not the biggest fan of the formula. It's super sticky and leaves a sticky feeling on my lips. Also, the pen is difficult to get out of the tube and I always end up flicking some lipstick back and forth somewhere. Holds up well.

  2. Great


    I love the colors and stay in place.

  3. It is in order


    It definitely does what it promises. The color is the same as the online picture. The disadvantage of a long shelf life is that moisturizing cream or gloss has to be applied constantly. As it dries, the lips dry out and the color begins to chip. I've found Clarins lip color to be a much better value for money, although Clarins doesn't have the extensive color range.

  4. Painfully drying


    Pros: It stays on the lips for a long time. Cons: It lasts a long time on the lips... and is very drying. Argh! not a fan

  5. good formula


    My favorite budget longwear lipstick, but Fenty is better

  6. Meh


    No fan so dries and sinks into all the fine lines

  7. Great product at a great price!


    I really appreciate this lipstick! It lasts all day and all night and is available in many colors. I have 5! 10/10

  8. dried out and discolored my lips


    This lipstick dried out my lips, made them look flaky and wasn't creamy. It was difficult to work with as it dried very quickly. The colors are super strong and don't match the color on the bottle. The lipstick discolored my lips and was difficult to remove.

  9. Perfect liquid lip


    I think this is an excellent product and way better than some of the more expensive "cult" liquid lipstick products (I'm probably not allowed to name which)! Longevity is excellent and I don't think wear and tear will be as patchy as some higher-end options. Like all liquid lips, I don't like wearing them all day, but I also don't think they dry out on my dry lips.

  10. Enjoy it


    I really like this color. It looks great and lasts a long time without drying out

  11. Long lasting beautiful colour


    I love wearing this lipstick so much. I always get compliments on how beautiful the color is. I love that I can apply it once and it lasts all day. Only thing is that due to its long shelf life it dries out a bit and stains quite a bit and takes a long time to come off even with makeup remover. But would still buy it again

  12. The longest lasting liquid lipstick


    This is easily one of the longest lasting liquid lipsticks I have ever tried. It lasts throughout the day and with many meals and drinks. However, I have to be careful and only apply as much as I need to cover my lips. Too much product creates a very uncomfortable, sticky feeling when I press my lips together.

  13. Toll!


    I absolutely loved this lipstick! The color is great and really lasts all day!! It didn't smudge or fade even after eating and drinking!

  14. Great long lasting liquid lipstick!


    The lipstick definitely lasts a long time! The applicator is perfect for spreading the formula evenly. The color palette is huge and there are some good shades for South Asian skin tones! The formula can feel a bit drying at times. So be sure to apply some lip balm beforehand.

  15. One of my favourites! Definitely lives up to its name


    This is the longest lasting lipstick formula I have ever tried. It stays in place and doesn't dry out my lips too much.
    I'm a big fan of matte lipsticks so this is a great addition to my collection

  16. I love that


    My favorite drugstore lipstick, lasts while drinking and eating and has beautiful colors.

  17. Great lipstick product!


    I love this lipstick! It is my goal!

  18. the color stays forever


    The color is long-lasting and stays for a whole day after eating or drinking. Sometimes it is even difficult to wash them off with an aqueous makeup remover.

  19. good value


    Good value for money. Great color palette. I always apply a small amount of lip balm before applying and apply the thinnest layer to avoid over drying. Lasts almost all day on me.

  20. good value


    Good value for money. Great color palette. I always apply a small amount of lip balm before applying and apply the thinnest layer to avoid over drying. Lasts almost all day on me.

  21. Durable and comfortable


    This is relatively practical with matt lipsticks and the applicator is very well suited for clean application. The colors are super pigmented in one coat, which is nice. It doesn't last as long as Maybelline's other liquid matte lipsticks and doesn't reapply quite as well - it can get a bit sticky and cakey, but it lasts on me a lot longer than a regular lipstick and...

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  22. My favorite Lippy


    These wear so well. They last until you take them off and the colors are so vibrant and for the price anyone can afford to get all the colors. I'm obsessed

  23. great shade


    I have the Shade Dreamer and it's fantastic, doesn't dry out yet lasts all day!

  24. Great value for money


    An affordable and long-lasting matte lipstick that won't dry out your lips within an hour of wearing. I love the colors too

  25. Not the best


    It is indeed a very matte lipstick that really sticks in the creases of my lips. Didn't match my inner lip and was very evident in photos. The applicator is something very strange.

  26. Toll


    I have it in ten different colors and I love them all. They wear very well on my lips. These dry slightly but don't dry out my lips and don't fade throughout the day, even from drinks and food.

  27. Affordable liquid lip


    I really love this liquid lipstick and it comes at such a great price! My color is Loyalist and it's a beautiful nude. I can apply it and then feel like I'm done and not have to think about touch-ups for a long time (and even then only if I want to). If it does peel, I think it comes off evenly, so I think it's a safe option - but that also depends on what color you choose. I traded with other drugstores...

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  28. The best!!!


    I love this liquid lipstick. This dries to a beautiful matte color that lasts all day. ideal for events. I love the color lover

  29. Loyalist - the perfect act


    I just want to say that Loyalist stays true to the color chart - the perfect nude! Just order online because it's perfect and will last for hours. X

  30. Beautiful and natural


    The nude tones in this series are perfect, I highly recommend them all. TIP: If you are picky, try it on in store before ordering as the color chart is a bit off.

  31. Great


    Compared to some of the more expensive liquid lipsticks, that's definitely the case. I can apply it once at the beginning of an evening and don't have to reapply it. Sometimes I even woke up in the morning and still looked perfect. Nicely pigmented too.

  32. Decent liquid lipstick!


    I really like these Superstay Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I'm not usually a fan of liquid lipsticks as they can be quite uncomfortable to wear, but I find these quite tolerable. There are some really pretty shades and they contain a lot of pigmentation. One gripe is that they can be a little sticky, but otherwise a must!

  33. This lipstick really brings the most


    This lipstick does. not. move. To the point you have to scrub your lips to remove it. Really good for special occasions but I wouldn't wear it every day just because it's so difficult to remove and stains my lips.

  34. pretty good


    I own the Pioneer and am quite happy with it

  35. Gut


    Pretty good liquid lipstick, it stays on quite well and the color is opaque, but I find it dries my lips quite a bit.

  36. Schön


    I love it ! Actually one of my favorite Maybelline products

  37. Lasts and looks great


    I have that in the Pioneer. It is a beautiful bold color that turns a bright pink with a light application and a deeper pink/red with a heavier application.

    I like wearing lipstick, but I often find that it smudges within a short period of time. However, this lasted all night and was still in place the next morning when I forgot to remove it before bed!


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  38. Great!


    This style is AWESOME. DOES NOT detach! Doesn't dry at all! I love it! It will be difficult to get off

  39. great lipsticks


    I own two colors, Lover and Pioneer. They last forever like I put them on in the morning and last past midnight without me having to reapply. They feel kind of sticky when first applied, but I don't because I apply a lot, but it doesn't bother me that much.

  40. Great


    I love the formula that doesn't dry out and lasts a long time

  41. Matte Lips


    that's fine! I'm not a big fan of liquid matte lipsticks. I have a feeling they tend to dry out the lips and then you see the cracks! Just doesn't feel moist and hydrating compared to a creamy lipstick!

  42. Great drugstore lipstick


    I brought this lipstick in the shade Lover for my cousin's wedding and I can tell you it was amazing. I put it on from 10am to midnight and never had to put my lipstick on once. The color is so pretty pink-purple. Not too sticky on the lips

  43. Great


    Great formula that doesn't dry out and lasts a long time

  44. super


    Super long wear and not drying like most matte lipsticks

  45. Too dry


    Disappointing - adds to the dryness of your lips so you really need to put on something moisturizing beforehand. Doesn't moisturize lips despite claims. Nice color though.

  46. Non-drying formula


    Great color and non-drying formula. I highly recommend trying it out.

  47. Super creamy


    Really enjoying this recent purchase, I find the formula to be super creamy, pigmented and not drying at all. The smell of the matte lipstick is very sweet and not for everyone, but I love it

  48. A liquid lip in order!


    I have noticed that the color tones do not match the online images so it is best to try them in store first. The smell is so delicious! The applicator works great too, but overall the color fidelity washed me out and my lips started to dry out after a few hours.

  49. Decent staying power


    I have this from Pioneer and wear it to events. It holds up really well, easily peels off when eating/drinking and I often have to touch up at night. Still, it's the best inexpensive, long-wearing red lipstick I've ever tried.

  50. Unsure


    Clear advantages and disadvantages. Good price, rich color, long lasting but also drying like most matte colors. Good product if matte is your thing. I personally prefer more moisturizing formulas.

  51. Naturally


    This is a moisturizing matte lipstick that lasts me 8 hours on a workday. I apply a little bit and it also looks super natural which is my favorite

  52. Disappointing


    I really wanted to love this lipstick as I bought it in a Super Brick shade and couldn't wait to wear it. However it was quite disappointing. It was really "powdery" and accentuated all the lines on my lips. It didn't stay in place nearly as long as some other durable brands I've used. Apart from some cool colors there is nothing special about this color in my opinion.

  53. Super pigmented


    It's super pigmented and, as the name suggests, very matte! But I love that it stays on my lips all day and I don't have to touch up

  54. so good!


    These are the best liquid lipsticks! They last so long and the nude tones are to die for. Definitely cheaper than my higher end liquid lipsticks.

  55. SUPER durable!


    So durable I have a hard time removing it! However, the longer you wear it, the easier it is to remove (e.g. after a long day). However, his stamina is amazing - even greasy food won't budge this guy. Yes, it can be drying, but it's a matte, long-lasting lipstick. The colors are super pigmented but I wish there were fewer "nude" tones that are for the "Walking Dead"... Great "Drugstor..."

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  56. Not my favourite


    Pretty dry and I didn't like it at all. Not for me!

  57. Decent staying power


    I have it in red, it's a little pinker than I expected but it's a really pretty color. I definitely need a lip liner to keep it from smudging, but it stays put. Doesn't stop while eating though. Good budget option.

  58. does not move!


    I'm terrified of lip gloss (because I wear out my hair and can't stand it sticking to my face) and lipstick (because I just don't know how to care for it, protect my teeth from it and keep it). the inner part of my lip) but this is AWESOME. I bought it after reading some rave reviews and bought four more pairs of sunglasses the next day. It doesn't move. The only downside is that I...

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  59. Toll.


    Can't beat that for matte lips. I apply it in the morning with a brush and it lasts 6-10 hours. However, do not try this product on your hand because the sample is kept there for two days. I'm not kidding that this product stains the skin but works great on the lips.

  60. obsessed with some colors


    This is my holy grail of matte lips, but some colors definitely work better than others. I love the bright colors and medium pink tones, my favorites are Lover, Heroine, Pioneer and Ruler. The paler shades can be a bit blotchy on me (I have very light lips with pale purples and pinks) and the brown shades don't apply that well so I prefer to apply as a balm. All in all my favorite lipstick...

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  61. Good for the small purse


    If you're looking for a matte lip that doesn't budge and is cheap, this is a great option. It requires no foundation and stays on your lips - as long as you don't top it with balm or gloss! If you apply too much, it can become sticky and rub off your lips. The applicator is great and makes it very easy to contour the lips and create a sharp lip effect. It smells great and the packaging feels nice.

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  62. Excellent and at a great price


    I've tried many high quality liquid lipsticks and many either dry out incredibly or don't last as long - this one beats them all! I love the real red Pioneer color.

  63. Live up to the hype!


    Super pigmented, super long lasting and a wide range of color options!

  64. pigmented


    Super pigmented and a great addition to your makeup collection. It dries matte but feels slightly drying, so I generally wear a lip gloss on top to hide that feeling. Looks great and doesn't accentuate every line on my lip. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a drugstore nude shade.

  65. pigment with one wipe


    I have it in several shades and they all work great. You only need one swipe/coat for full coverage. I would recommend not applying two or more coats or it will be too thick and sticky. While it dries matte, it remains slightly sticky so your lips don't look completely wrinkled. However, it does not transfer at all, although it is slightly sticky. After a meal it's about 80-...

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  66. Really good


    Not only is this product affordable but it works great, it's pigmented and lasts all day!

  67. Very matte


    Great colors that last but I find it too dry I have to mix it with lip balm

  68. I'm a loyalist!


    I got it over the weekend and love it. Since I'm fairly light skinned, I use the Loyalist shade for a nude tone. It really sticks with food and all that entails, but it dries up a bit. So make sure your lips are well moisturized and not flaky as it will only make them look worse. I also used this as a base and applied regular lipstick on top. Also Maybelline chrome cocktail uses...

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  69. Great color pays off


    These lipsticks are very pigmented but it's best to apply them lightly as I've noticed they can look a bit dry if you apply more than one layer. Lasts a whole day without the need for touch-ups.

  70. Beautiful colors


    I love these lip colors and the color effect. Not too matte but can be worked up with lip primer or lip balm to prevent drying out

  71. heroine


    Such a pretty color that isn't sticky or too heavy. I love the 5 year matte finish.

  72. Feels beautiful


    I love matte liquid lipsticks and Maybelline's Superstay Lipstick is no exception. The color payoff is fantastic and I find it stays on the lips really well. I also like the feel of my lips

  73. fabulous!


    I love the colors in this range - great hold, nice applicator and nice smell but can dry underneath without a lip balm.

  74. nice texture


    I love the texture of this lipstick. Color payoff is great and it doesn't feel dry at all. I can wear it all day and it still looks great. Also very easy to use. Good value for money. If you love Matt I would highly recommend this product.

  75. amazing formula


    Pioneer is such a gorgeous shade for a dramatic night look that lasts all night without fading or smudging. I have yet to try the rest of the shades but so far I'm really loving this formula, it's matte but not drying

  76. great product


    Wide range of shades, easy application and long-lasting! Smells fantastic too. I will continue to add all colors to my collection.

  77. Great shades


    There are some great colors and the product is really light. It ensures natural lips, even in the darker shades, and works just as well with an everyday look as it does with a more glamorous, dressy look.

  78. Pretty


    Such a beautiful lipstick. I like that it comes in liquid form and has a matte finish. Feels good on my lips.

  79. Pretty


    A really nice color palette that suits me. I like how light it is and that it doesn't stick.

  80. Great colors, so natural


    There are some great colors and the product is really light. It ensures natural lips, even in the darker shades, and works just as well with an everyday look as it does with a more glamorous, dressy look.

  81. dry


    I have very dry lips and as this is a very drying lipstick it didn't work well at all.

  82. Bright


    I have it in a few shades and I believe the Lover shade is the better one. It also holds up on greasy foods like pizza, pasta, burgers, fries, etc. and still looks perfect afterwards. Not sure what kind of magic this is, but it's the longest lasting liquid lipstick I own. The darker shades - after eating, the inner lip line will show wear as darker colors are left behind...

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  83. HOW?


    This formula just stays the same! Through everything... Even if I try to wipe it off with my fingers... there it is! It comes off fairly easily with makeup remover but stays on very well. Damn amazing, I don't know how they do it...

  84. I'm a snob but this changes my behavior...

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    WOW. That lasted, coffee, sushi, a piece of chocolate in the cinema and pizza. PIZZA! This also held up with the pizza.

    OK - full disclaimer, I've tried a few shades and there does seem to be some trend - the lighter shades seem to be less persistent and a bit more drying unfortunately. While the darker shades are close to perfect. In general, I think it's more difficult to formulate a light...

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  85. Common liquid lipstick flaws


    Unfortunately, this formula is one of the most drying liquid lipsticks I've ever seen. After an hour of wear, it pills and looks very unsightly. It's a shame because the colors are beautiful!

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How to apply Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick? ›

Use long, steady sweeps to spread the color evenly. As you get closer to the lip contours, use tip of precision tip for controlled, sharp application of elastic ink along lip edge. Let the SuperStay Matte Ink product sit for a few minutes to dry matte. Now you're ready to go with high-intensity color and zero transfer.

How long does it take for Maybelline SuperStay matte ink to dry? ›

The closest I can come to describing it is like a stain and liquid lipstick hybrid, in that it goes on wet, gets sticky, and takes about 15 minutes to fully dry (yes, I timed it). But once it sets, it's damn near bulletproof.

How to hack for liquid lipstick? ›

Due to its formulation, liquid lipsticks can become chunky over time. The best way to loosen it up and get things going is to submerge the lipstick in a cup of warm water. Keep it in there for good 10-15 minutes, and you'll have yourself a lipstick as smooth as butter.

How long does SuperStay Matte Ink last? ›

Key Features. Maybelline states that this liquid lipstick provides a flawless matte finish and supersaturated shade that lasts up to 16 hours.

Can I wear chapstick under matte lipstick? ›

And if you really have to, you can just apply a little lip balm to your matte lipstick look. It'll give you a little shine, but your look will definitely last longer.

Should you blot liquid lipstick? ›

The final finish: Always blot off your lipstick on a tissue/blotting paper to remove excess and prevent slippage. If you feel there might have been some feathery ends hide the unevenness with a lip brush and concealer. A full-coverage concealer hides any flaws and ensures that your lipstick stays in place for longer.

What removes Maybelline SuperStay matte ink? ›

All you need to do is swipe the eraser onto your lips. Press your lips together to let the eraser sink into your lip colour (we recommend SuperStay Matte Ink if you're a fan of on-trend lip colour that lasts). Then simply wipe the colour away with a tissue. ✔Excessive scrubbing can leave lips feeling dry and parched.

How do you keep matte lipstick from drying out? ›

Exfoliate and moisturize.

Matte lipstick clings to dead skin and dry lips, so create a smooth canvas by exfoliating and nourishing your lips before matte lipstick application. Buy a brown sugar scrub or make your own DIY lip scrub to mitigate dryness before applying your lip color.

Is Maybelline SuperStay cakey? ›

The foundation was pretty easy to build up in areas where I needed a little more coverage. I highly recommend using some sort of make-up sponge in this process instead of just a brush. I think this particular foundation could get cakey fairly easily if excess foundation stays in places you don't need it.

How do you make liquid lipstick last all day? ›

Once your lipstick is on, blot the excess with a thin sheet or single ply of tissue paper. This takes away the excess oils from your lips, thus increasing its staying power. Apply a second coat of the liquid lipstick to increase the colour payoff and blot again.

Can you put chapstick over liquid lipstick? ›

Along with the mistakes we just mentioned, you may be tempted to apply lip balm over your liquid lipstick throughout the day—but don't. Doing so can affect how long the formula wears. Instead, be sure to prep your lips for liquid lipstick by applying a hydrating balm prior to coloring your lips.

Can you apply liquid lipstick with a brush? ›

Yes. You can use a lip brush for liquid lipstick for precise application and flawless coverage.

Is Maybelline SuperStay matte ink drying? ›

They come in many shades, they've been around for a while and there are still new shade releasing once in a while. This lipstick claims to stay on for 16 hours. It should be highly pigmented, with matte finish, shouldn't dry out your lips.

Is Maybelline SuperStay lipstick smudge proof? ›

Our Super Stay Matte Ink Longwear Liquid Lipstick is smudge proof and budge proof with a flawless matte finish for up to 16-hours of comfortable wear.

Does Maybelline SuperStay clog pores? ›

Maybelline Super Stay Foundation is an oil-free foundation that doesn't clog pores and is dermatologist tested. For all skin types.

What is the disadvantage of matte lipstick? ›

Creamy lipstick formulas and glosses are forgiving. Matte shades are not. They will show every bit of dead skin, every crack and cranny because of their drying effect. To ensure you're working with a smooth surface, you'll want to make sure to exfoliate the lips before application according the ladies at Stylecaster.

What should I apply on lips before lipstick? ›

Prepare The Base. Use a small amount of any lightweight concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone and apply it all over your lips. This acts as a primer and fills in any cracks you might have in your lips, giving your lipstick a smooth and even base so that it does not sink into any fine lines.

Do you need lip liner with matte liquid lipstick? ›

Lip liner not only helps to designate the area in which you'll be applying lipstick, but it also helps to ensure your lipstick doesn't bleed and has a longer-wear finish—no matter if it's a creamy formula, matte finish, classic tube, or liquid lipstick.

Should we keep liquid lipstick in fridge? ›

Lipstick. Store your lippies in a cool spot to give new meaning to long-wearing. Heat is dangerous to lipstick because it can cause its natural oils to go bad. Keeping lipsticks refrigerated—or at least away from heat—can prevent the lipsticks' chemicals from decomposing.

Which lipstick is better liquid or matte? ›

If we compare liquid lipstick vs. solid lipstick, solid lipstick is easier to apply. Liquid lipstick is dry. Liquid lipstick is designed to give a matte finish and a long last look.

Why won't lipstick stay on the inside of my lips? ›

When you don't exfoliate, color clings onto the very first part of your lip and this is most likely the loose, dry skin. Since they're loose, they will come off eventually along with your lipstick so exfoliate at least twice a week or when patches appear.

Is Maybelline SuperStay matte ink sticky? ›

It feels soft and nondrying on the lips. However, it has a sticky nature to it. Even after the color dries completely to a matte finish, it feels sticky.

How many shades are in Maybelline SuperStay Matte? ›

The formula is long-lasting and gives a flawless matte finish in 36 super-saturated shades ranging from classic red liquid lipstick to nude and bold bright lipstick shades.

How many shades of Maybelline SuperStay matte ink are there? ›

SuperStay Matte Ink features a unique arrow applicator for precise application and is available in 20 super saturated shades.

Why do my lips dry out after matte lipstick? ›

The reality is: lip formulas aren't all created equally – while some may be super nourishing, others can leave your lips dry and chapped. Dr. Idriss confirms, “Lip products like stains and matte lipsticks can dry out your lips over time because of their formulation.

Why does my liquid lipstick crumble? ›

Liquid lipsticks also have the tendency to pill or flake because, compared to bullets, their formulas are much drier. “Adding a lip oil or balm on top of your liquid lipstick should keep it from pilling, though,” says Lo.

What do you wear under lipstick? ›

Most lip primers on the market contain moisturizing ingredients, but if you're only looking for hydration, a lip balm works just fine. If you're looking to improve the wear of your lipstick, however, you should stick with lip primer.

Is Maybelline Fit Me better than Superstay? ›

If you like a natural, lightweight concealer, you'll want the Superstay. If you like to look at your skin up close after applying concealer, you'll want the Superstay. If you want more coverage, you'll like the Fit Me. And if you have more yellow tones in your skin, the Fit Me will be the better option.

Is Maybelline Superstay good for dry skin? ›

Best for Combination Oily and Dry Skin: Maybelline SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation.

Is Maybelline Superstay good for OILY skin? ›

The original Super Stay is a great foundation, it's very full coverage and it really lasts well especially if you have oily skin.

Which matte lipstick lasts the longest? ›


All hail to the best long-lasting lipstick of all time that really stands true to its claim – Maybelline's SuperStay Matte Ink lipstick!

Does Vaseline make lipstick last longer? ›

Does Vaseline make lipstick last longer? Yes, applying vaseline on top of your lipstick can make it glossy and long-lasting.

How often should I replace liquid lipstick? ›

Lipsticks and liquid lipsticks usually last 12 to 18 months, and because they can be ingested, it's essential to abide by the expiration date. "If it's applying really thick, has a change in taste and smell, or a change in color, it's due to be replaced," St. Jean says.

Do you apply lipstick in the corners? ›

Apply lipstick starting at the center of your lips, moving outward toward the corners. If you start at the corners of your mouth, you can end up drawing outside the lines, which won't make for an ideal beauty look. Starting at the center and moving out will give you more control.

How do you apply liquid lipstick without cracks? ›

Wear a cream formula before the liquid one

No one likes the appearance of cracks that form when you have been wearing liquid lipstick for too many hours. The best way to avoid this issue is to coat your lips in a cream lipstick formula and then apply your liquid lipstick over it.

How do you apply lipstick like a pro? ›

How Do You Prepare Your Lips Before Applying Lipstick?
  1. Exfoliate Lips. ...
  2. Hydrate Lips. ...
  3. Moisturize Skin. ...
  4. Step One: Line and Fill In Lips With Liner. ...
  5. Step Two: Apply Lipstick From the Center and Outward. ...
  6. Step Three: Blot Lipstick & Re-Apply. ...
  7. Step Four: Add Gloss If Desired.
Jul 15, 2022

Why do makeup artists apply lipstick with a brush? ›

Using a lip brush to apply lip colour will help your lipstick to last longer too because less product layers are used in each application. In addition, a lip brush is often used to blend lip liner and lipstick together for a more seamless look and can also be used to apply lip gloss too.

Can you put lip gloss over matte liquid lipstick? ›

How to Change the Finish of Matte Lipsticks. The simplest way to change the finish of your matte lipstick is by applying a lip oil or gloss on top for a high-shine glossy finish, but if you want to create a satin effect you'll have to do a bit of mixing.

How long does Maybelline SuperStay lipstick last? ›

SuperStay Vinyl Ink Longlasting Liquid Lipstick

This long-lasting liquid lipstick features a unique color lock formula that defies smudging and transfer with ten budge-resistant vinyl colors and up to 16 hour wear.

How many hours does Maybelline lipstick last? ›

Maybelline New York defines longwear as lasting eight or more hours, with some formulas promising up to 24 hours of flawless lip color.

How many years does a Maybelline lipstick last? ›

All lipsticks have a shelf life of 2 years. If yours is more than 2 years old, then it's time to throw it into the bin. You see, using an expired lipstick can cause irritation and inflammation on the lips. Hence, in this case, prevention is better than cure.

What is the best lipstick that doesn't smudge? ›

10 Best Smudge-Proof Lipsticks That Will Stay On For Long
Best Smudge-Proof Formula:Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid LipstickPrice on Amazon
Best Long-Lasting:E.l.f. Liquid Matte LipstickPrice on Amazon
Best Color Payoff:L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Liquid LipstickPrice on Amazon
7 more rows
Jun 16, 2023

Why does my lipstick always smudge? ›

When you've got too much lipstick on, you risk having it bleed and smudge during the day. So, to prevent this from happening, press a tissue between your lips to remove the excess product. With this, your lipstick won't be prone to bleeding.

What lipstick is Wednesday wearing? ›

Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) is usually too busy tracking monsters and dodging friends to stop for a lipstick touch-up. But that hasn't stopped her signature shade, MAC Cosmetics' Nightmoth lip pencil, from flying off the shelves around the globe.

Is Maybelline Super Stay silicone based? ›

A super commonly used 5 unit long, cyclic structured silicone that is water-thin and does not stay on the skin but evaporates from it (called volatile silicone). Similar to other silicones, it gives skin and hair a silky, smooth feel.

Does Maybelline matte and poreless oxidize? ›


Since I have an oily skin, it oxidises within an hour, sometimes half an hour. I fix it with a lighter shade concealer or loose powder. But, everything else about this foundation is amazing.

Do you use lip liner with liquid lipstick? ›

Line your lips with the rightlip liner before applying liquid lipstick. Not only will it prevent your lipstick from bleeding but will also give a better definition to the lips. If you do not have matching lip liners, using nude, neutral, or skin-coloured lip liners will do the trick.

Why won't lipstick stay on my lips? ›

Your lips tend to get dry a little too quickly. That's why exfoliating it regularly is essential. Scrubbing your lips helps get rid of dry and flaky skin, making way for a smooth surface for your lipstick to glide on and stay put.

What do you put on your lips before matte lipstick? ›

Don't Skip Lip Balm or Primer

Once you're done exfoliating your lips, reach for a hydrating lip balm to moisturize your pout before applying matte lipstick. Moisturizing your lips will help your lipstick apply more evenly, just like a makeup primer does for your foundation.

How do you make liquid matte lipstick last longer? ›

Once your lipstick is on, blot the excess with a thin sheet or single ply of tissue paper. This takes away the excess oils from your lips, thus increasing its staying power. Apply a second coat of the liquid lipstick to increase the colour payoff and blot again.


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