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Jobs in Kampala Uganda Uganda Jobs Jobs in Kampala Operations Manager vacancy – Humanity & Inclusion Jobs in Kampala in Uganda Jobs Operations Manager vacancy – Humanity & Inclusion Employment Opportunities Uganda Jobs

Job Title: Operations Manager
OrganisationHandicap International Federation Uganda

Service Station Kampala, Uganda
Responsible for the regional program director, team management, 4 project managers
Gross salary range UGX 9,387,934 – UGX 9,686,186 /=

About Us
The Handicap International Federation, trading as Humanity & Inclusion, is an independent and impartial relief and development organization working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work with disabled and vulnerable people to meet their basic needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.
In Uganda, we work to identify and support people with special needs and ensure meaningful inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers. We support vulnerable populations from host and refugee communities through physical rehabilitation, mental health and psychosocial support, including education, health and livelihoods. We work with DPOs from disability organizations, communities, local leaders, NGOs, the United Nations and the Ugandan government.
Our actions aim to include all people in need, to reach out to the most vulnerable, including people with disabilities, and to stand up for their rights.
We are currently working in the 13 districts of Arua, Madi Okollo, Terego, Yumbe, Obongi, Kyegegwa, Isingiro, Mbale, Kiryandongo, Nwoya, Oyam and Gulu.
HI is legally registered in Uganda. HI's headquarters are in Kampala and West Nile activities are based in the Arua Town office, with various field offices in the operational areas.
As of August 2020, HI has established a regional structure called the East African Region, which includes Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda, with the regional office located in Kampala.
HI Uganda's portfolio includes a range of projects focused on supporting people with disabilities and vulnerable populations including physical rehabilitation, mental health and psychosocial support, inclusive livelihood, inclusive health, inclusive education, COVID-19 response and a unique award Winner of 3D printing of an orthotic project in West Nile.
The Operations Manager role is exciting and challenging as HI Uganda seeks to invest more directly in the quality of its programs. The operations manager will work closely with the regional program director, regional MEAL manager and all project managers, engineering unit and shared services, and is directly responsible for the overall design, planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of all HI projects, according to HI responsible planning, monitoring and evaluation policy.
The Operations Manager will directly manage a portfolio currently totaling four projects, particularly those in the South West and outside of Kampala. He/She will be expected to work closely with the West Nile Operations Manager and Project Managers in the financial management of their project, ensuring sound budgeting and forecasting according to plans. The operations manager is required to work with the technical unit to establish appropriate technical standards for all HI projects in Uganda throughout the projects life cycle.
The Operations Manager takes direct responsibility for setting up, recruiting and launching new projects in the HI portfolio.
The Operations Manager will have a leading role in the implementation of HI's new three-year regional strategy 2021-2023 for Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda and will be responsible for ensuring programmatic alignment with the agreed strategic framework.
The operations manager will also support the development of new project proposals in conjunction with HI's engineering department.
Job Description Under the responsibility of the Regional Program Director, the Operations Manager contributes to the implementation of Humanity & Inclusion's mandate and 10-year strategy in the country in which he/she is based. He/she ensures the optimal quality and impact of the projects implemented in the country through a delegation system with suitable control mechanisms. He/she shares responsibility for sound management and successful functioning of the global organization through paradigm shifts with all HI managers.
Main Duties and Responsibilities
The operations manager is responsible for the development and implementation of the project part of the operational program strategy in the country in which he is based.
Under the guidance of the Regional Technical Unit Manager and the Regional MEAL and Support Service Managers, s/he uses all appropriate tools to ensure project oversight in the program, financial control and compliance with HI policies and frameworks, particularly HI Project Oversight and - assessment, enable policy and compliance with contractual obligations to donors.
He/she contributes to the monitoring and analysis of contextual developments in his/her geographic area to identify operational risks and opportunities and proposes actions to the Regional Director.
He/she contributes to organizational transformation within Lean, Shared Services and ROOTS projects.
The position is based in Kampala with frequent travel to project sites across the country.
Job responsibilities include:
Be the direct reporting manager of the project manager team in the role
Foster team spirit and team functioning to ensure synergy and exchange of best practices between project managers, regional managers and colleagues at headquarters.
Size and planning of the personnel requirements of the projects in the program.
Recruit project managers and, in connection with the appropriate professional channels, contribute to their professional development, autonomy and well-being at work, set formalized individual goals, establish the coherence between the needs and competencies of HI and the motivation of his/her of their teams, develop and monitor them create competency development plan, assess individual performance, contribute to career development.
Contribute to the professional development and autonomy of project managers, set formalized individual goals, ensure coherence between HI needs and competencies and motivation of project managers, assess individual performance, contribute to capacity building and career development .
Recognize individual and collective efforts and achievements.
Embody and communicate HI values, ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct and institutional policies, ensure expected mindset and individual and collective behavior, and take disciplinary action where necessary.
Animate day-to-day work interactions between project managers and support teams for technical and shared services and functional linkages to facilitate project implementation in the country. Conduct project reviews with project managers and the Regional Technical Unit Manager, MEAL unit and support services.
Participate in the Program Steering Committee, chaired by the Regional Program Director
Control the change of the organization, in particular through changes in management and working practices as well as through continuous improvement of work processes
Contribute to the program operational strategy and HI frameworks and regulations
Contribute to the development of the program's operational strategy, its implementation and annual monitoring
Participation in the evaluation of ongoing projects, contribution to context and sector analysis, contribution to fundraising strategy, resource sizing, M&E tool...
With its project portfolio and donor data, contribute to the StratOp's annual monitoring and program planning for the next year, particularly in support of missions and evaluations.
In the event of a crisis/emergency, implement the framework and facility as specified
Implementation of the project part of the operational strategy of the programme
Measure and plan the required resources, recruit the project managers, ensure that the competencies match the challenges and ambitions of the projects, develop and monitor their competency development plan in conjunction with the appropriate professional channels and HR.
Establish regular contact with current and potential donors at field level as needed and liaise with manager to verify consistency with overall program and fundraising strategy.
Within the operational framework defined in the StratOp, you will identify and transform remit funding opportunities, undertake the design and development of new projects, and contribute to the design, development and fundraising of large transnational projects

In cooperation with the Technical Unit, identify and develop local partnerships and/or consortia with NGOs, institutions and companies; on technical focal points or important topics in the area.
Ensure delivery and compliance with global HI frameworks, institutional policies and standards.
This includes the mandatory reference frameworks such as HI Mission & Values ​​or HI Theory of Change, Access to Services, All HI Institutional Policies, Safety/Code of Conduct and Protection/Bribery Prevention/PME and Project Quality Frameworks/Age-Gender Disability, All Institutional Policies and processes; delegation thresholds; Security levels…
Ensure sound management and monitoring of the projects under his responsibility
In cooperation with the Technical Unit and the MEAL Unit, ensure that the HI technical quality standards are applied in the projects and monitor the implementation of recommendations from support missions, evaluations and donor reviews.
Ensure project donor rules and regulations are followed, including visibility.
With the support of the MEAL unit, employ all appropriate tools to ensure financial control and project monitoring, compliance with HI policies and frameworks and compliance with contractual obligations to donors, consolidation, control and reporting to manager of operational and organizational elements enable dashboards and corrective actions, unrestricted funds consumption, beneficiary data.
Facilitates internal audits from an operational, financial and organizational point of view and ensures the implementation of their recommendations in his area of ​​responsibility
Contribute to supervisor monitoring and analysis, taking into account operational opportunities and risks, and suggest remedial action if necessary
In cooperation with the line manager, implement an analysis and monitoring of risks and opportunities related to the presence and activities of HI; Implement risk reduction measures at his/her level
Assist the regional program director in overseeing the security of the program and ensure internal resources for staff as appropriate
Develop a network of contacts with security/context staff from other INGOs and represent HI at access, security and protection meetings
Provide feedback and advice on security risks and security management resources such as SOPs and suggestions
In collaboration with the regional program director and senior management team, update safety and contingency plans as the context evolves
Assist the Regional Program Director in evaluating fact-finding missions, identifying offices/guesthouses and opening new areas
Assist the Regional Program Director in raising awareness of security risks among national and international HI staff and ensure security documents are understood and implemented
Develop HI's external influence and external representation of the organization in his/her area of ​​responsibility
Can represent HI to local, national, traditional, political, military and diplomatic authorities and bodies; and international organizations and coordination mechanisms and systems.
Forward HI global advocacy messages to all relevant external parties.
Develop local partnerships in collaboration with the manager.
Qualifications, Skills and Experience
At least 7-10 years of professional experience in a humanitarian and/or development policy context;
At least 5 years experience as operations manager/program manager or similar position;
Direct experience leading all aspects of the project management cycle
Experience working with M&E and reporting systems
Knowledge of donor strategies, procedures and reporting, development of proposals
Previous experience in security management required
Risk management, beneficiary protection, security, finance, donors, etc.
Previous work experience in the field of Humanity & Inclusion is a great advantage;
Knowledge of disability issues and cooperation with disability organizations desirable
Proven leadership experience;
Proven financial management skills
Proven experience in representation;
Strong communication skills;
Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills;
English is compulsory both spoken and written
Strong writing and reporting skills
personal qualities
Essential ability to work under high pressure
How to apply
All suitably qualified applicants should submit an updated resume of no more than three pages including three professional references. with a cover letter to HR
Note: Do not attach certificates. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Any attempts to influence the hiring process will automatically result in disqualification.

Closing date: Sunday, September 12, 2021, 5:00 p.m

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Jobs in Kampala Uganda Uganda Jobs Jobs in Kampala Operations Manager vacancy – Humanity & Inclusion Jobs in Kampala in Uganda Jobs Operations Manager vacancy – Humanity & Inclusion Employment Opportunities Uganda Jobs

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