Is Elf a good brand? - eleven. Cosmetic Review Best and Worst Products (2023)

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e.l.f Cosmeticsis a makeup brand we all know from our youthBecause of this, it's often misunderstood as a brand aimed at teens experimenting with dirt cheap makeup. Here we have the detailed review that will answer your question "Is Elf a good brand?"

Up until a year and a half ago, even I was to blame for being too smart to give elves. a fair shot. I'm so glad I finally made it.

e.l.f., short for"Eyes lips face", was established in 2004 as a cruelty-free company dedicated to bringing women quality makeup at low prices.

My Favorite YouTube Beauty Guru (KathleenLights) always has from e.l.f. raved. The effectiveness of cosmetics is 10 times more expensive compared to makeup.

But does e.l.f. make really high quality makeup, rightAre their low prices an indication of the performance of their products?And what are the best and worst elves? Products?

Read on to find out. I've tested pretty much everything, and here's where the products stack up:

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Cosmetics Review

1. Primer:

For me e.l.f. Not only did the primer do the job, but it held up against several other drugstore primers that I own and use.I love the foundation I got from e.l.f. have.

Maybe e.l.f. Primers are only used to supplement e.l.f. Foundations and I haven't tried mine yetColor adjustment (lightening) primer.with enough other foundations. It is possible. However, when something goes so well together, I try not to push my luck.

Even if e.l.f. Primers don't compare to the expensive ones, all of themFeel premium against the skinand haverelatively harmless odorsto them.

For $6 you can't expect thatEleven. Moisturizing foundationworks better than thatToo Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer($32), but you can sure save some money by opting for e.l.f. decide.


If, like me, you'd rather spend on primers and save on primers, buy an e.l.f. Primer. For only $6, you might even want to try one with skincare benefits like blemish control or hydration! At the very least, these primers add some healthy variety to your collection.

Grad: B+

2. Stiftung:

Is Elf a good brand? - eleven. Cosmetic Review Best and Worst Products (1)

I've always been skeptical of cheap foundations, which is why I don't mind the hype surrounding E.L.F. reluctant to believe. foundations. After all, your base will determine what the rest of the makeup will look like. It must be good!

After givinge.l.f.’s Flawless Finish Foundationa whirl, however,I'm officially a firm believer in the $6 Foundation.

Not only did this foundation compete well with my $40 foundation, but it passed the ultimate test: oneOutdoor summer concert.

Before the concert (around 2 p.m.) I applied my foundation. Then I went to the show. I didn't take my makeup off until 1am and when I did I was surprised my foundation looked like thisas good asThat's how it was when I applied it for the first time! And did I mention that this foundation has an SPF of 15?!

Although I've only tried Flawless Finish on other elves. foundations such asFoundation to fight acne, gotrave reviewsonline.

For those with oily skin, I would only recommend being careful with itBeautifully nude foundation serumbecause it has a thinner consistency and may not stick to the skin as well as the others. Otherwise you are good.

If there is a product e.l.f. does consistently well, it's a foundation.


As someone with very dry skin, I'm talking about the Flawless Finish Foundationlooked refreshingly natural (like my skin but better)and didn't stick to my dry patches as much as other more expensive primers.

The only complaint I have about the E.L.F. have is theLack of a decent color palette. Otherwise for an impressive $6 to $8, e.l.f. Foundations could be your skin savior.

Note: A+

3. Concealer:

Is Elf a good brand? - eleven. Cosmetic Review Best and Worst Products (2)

As much as it pains me to say, e.l.f. have let me down.

Again and again, powder for powder, e.l.f. Concealer proves itWrinkles much easier than comparable concealers from the drugstore. If you spend the extra money to get thatMaybelline Fit Me Concealer, you will be infinitely happier, for example.


As much as I wanted to like this formula, e.l.f. Concealers just aren't flattering, especially in the under-eye area. Spend your money on a more reliable concealer that doesn't get dirty.

Rating: D

4. Face Powder:

Is Elf a good brand? - eleven. Cosmetic Review Best and Worst Products (3)

Eleven. Face powders are just like their foundations in the sense that theyThe color palette isn't great.

If you are lucky enough to actually find a powder that matches your skin tone exactly,e.l.f.s pressed powdersAreIdeal for setting and mattifying the face and for extra coveragewhen it is needed.

The brand's translucent powders also help set your makeup to give it an airbrushed effect and are meant not to cause flashbacks.

Is Elf a good brand? - eleven. Cosmetic Review Best and Worst Products (4)

According to e.l.f. team, with theirHigh definition powderApply sparingly to the face with a brush in circular movements to prevent unpleasant flashbacks.

Although I didn't use the regular HD powder, I did use thisHD powder to firm the eye areaI've done it conscientiously and have never had any problems with the application or flashbacks on photos.


Eleven. Powders are finely ground into an impressive formula that could well sell for a higher price. Because they are so great and perform so well,These powders are great value for money,especially for the amazingly low price.

Note: A

5. Rouge/Bronzer:

Is Elf a good brand? - eleven. Cosmetic Review Best and Worst Products (5)

Similar to the formula for the pressed face powders, e.l.f. has an equally impressive formula for its blushes and bronzers. The shades available areflattering and blends easilyApply to foundation or bare skin.

The individual blush and bronzer products are great, but to get the most bang for your buckI recommend thatBlush and bronzer palettes, each supplied with 4 shades.


You can't go wrong with most elves. Face products and blushes/bronzers are no different. If you find a shade you like, don't hesitate to buy it!

Note: A+

6. Contour/Highlighter:

Is Elf a good brand? - eleven. Cosmetic Review Best and Worst Products (6)

Eleven. Contour and highlight palettesAreanother great addition to your makeup collection. The packaging of these palettes is identical to that of the blush and bronzer palettes, and the formulas are largely the same as well.

The baked highlighters from e.l.f. Sells are also very popular, especially the shademoonlight beadswhich is perfect for lighter skin tones.


So, contour and highlighter palettes on the market can go as high as $45It's refreshing to see such high quality versions at such a low price. If you're looking for new contour or highlighter shades, these are the ones you should grab.


7. Eye Shadow:

Is Elf a good brand? - eleven. Cosmetic Review Best and Worst Products (7)

Eleven. eye products areall over the map in terms of quality and performance, but there are a number of solid products that work really well and are definitely worth your hard-earned money.

TheMad about mateyeshadow palettesAreaGreat valueand contain beautiful colors that have good pigmentation and are easy to blend. This palette is currently available in three color families (Nude Mood, Summer Breeze, and Holy Smokes) and, as the name suggests, contains only matte shadows.

TheThe prism paletteconsist of 6 shimmering shades, butFeel even more luxuriousthan the Mad for Matte eyeshadows and look gorgeous on the eyes. If you purchase a single e.l.f. would buy, that would bePrisma-Palette in „Naked“should it be.

Is Elf a good brand? - eleven. Cosmetic Review Best and Worst Products (8)

Another outstanding eye product from e.l.f. is thereincense pots, which are basically gel-like cream eyeshadows. My favorite shade of Smudge Pot is"Do not cry"because of its unique shade of purple/grey (not just the name, I swear!)

The individually baked eyeshadows are also nice, but pale in comparison to the previously mentioned products.


Due to the different quality of the eyeshadows from e.l.f. you should inform yourself before purchasing certain products.

Again, the Mad for Matte palettes, Prism palettes, and Smudge Pots are all worth it, but all other products are questionable. With products this cheap, you either get what you pay for or you get a lot more.

Note B

8. Mascara:

Is Elf a good brand? - eleven. Cosmetic Review Best and Worst Products (9)

Due to the packaging on individual e.l.f. The products are so generic (and sometimes don't even state what the product is) that it's particularly hard to tell their mascaras apart.

I feel the same way about the actual mascara formulas. Regardless of what each mascara claims to do for my lashes, they all always give me somethingthe same mediocre results.

On the other hand, E.L.F. newMascara primeris aoutstanding product– It really lengthens and adds volume to the lashes before you even put on mascara!


It's not worth it - there are many better drugstore mascaras out there. Even if e.l.f. Mascaras are only $2-$3, I'd rather pay $3 more for themother Drugstore versionswhich give more volume and length.


9. Eyeliner:

Is Elf a good brand? - eleven. Cosmetic Review Best and Worst Products (10)

Similar to the mascaras from E.L.F. their eyeliners are generally not popular in the beauty community.

The liquid felt tip liners and the pencil liners arejust fine. For me they sitend up with lower qualityof the drugstore liner spectrum.

Saving the Eyeliner Collection by e.l.f. is herCreme-EyelinerThis comes in a small pot with a tiny brush (which I don't like). ThecreaminessAndpigmentationThis product is hard to believe for such a low price and it glides on the eyes without much effort.


Even for such low prices, I recommend sticking to the liquid and pencil liners from e.l.f. to renounce. The cream eyeliner is the only product in this category that I recommend, especially in the aforementioned funky teal color!

Note: C

10. Lip Products:

Is Elf a good brand? - eleven. Cosmetic Review Best and Worst Products (11)

The lipsticks from e.l.f. areconsistently good, regardless of the finish or color.

TheVelvet matte lipstickThe formula in particular, while not lasting as long as I would like, is amazing for the price. The non-drying, crazy-pigmented formula feels luxurious on the lips, and it is3 $!

e.l.f.’sLip plumping glossAndLiquid matte lipsticksare also worth mentioning.

Even if the new lip glosses don't add volume to your lips, they doshiny but non-sticky formulagives the illusion of fuller, juicier lips.

However, their new line of liquid lipsticks isn't that great. It has gorgeous colors, yes, but it's definitely a dry formula and will accentuate every line on your lips.


Eleven. has many reliable lip products and many great colors to choose from. And the quality is great for the price. Get e.l.f. Lip products if you want to experiment cheaply with colors outside of your comfort zone.

For me,Plumping lip glosses are a must.


11. Brush:

Is Elf a good brand? - eleven. Cosmetic Review Best and Worst Products (12)

Eleven. does some of itpreferablyThere are inexpensive makeup brushes.

TheEyeshadow blending brush, DieUltimate blending brush(for the face) and most of themBeautifully precise brush collection(with clear handles) are my favorites, but almost all of their brushes (aside from the $1 brushes that lose money) are great.

While it's not a brush, I want to mention that theEleven. mixed sponges do not liveon the other hand e.l.f. Tool. Eleven. Sponges are much denser than most other sponges on the market and therefore do not provide good blending results.


With a brush from e.l.f. you can rarely go wrong. and mehighly recommendedTry out as many of their brushes as you can. I would howeverBe careful with the $1 brushesby e.l.f. as they tend to shed like crazy.

As far as mixing sponges go, just stick with it$6 Real TechniquesExecution.

Note: A+

Overall rating of the brand:

Is Elf a good brand? - eleven. Cosmetic Review Best and Worst Products (13)

In total,Eleven. is a reliable brand for high-quality make-up, which is surprising considering how cheap their products are.

Eleven. continued to prove that high-end makeup doesn't necessarily come with a high-end price tagmy favorite drugstore brand of all time(Sorry Wet n Wild!)

While not every product is a winner, e.l.f. As a brand it has a lot going for it and is definitely worth trying.

With all the cool new products from e.l.f. just released, iI can barely wait for itto see what else they have in store. Count me among your biggest fans, e.l.f.!

What are the best and worst E.L.F. products?

Now I want to hear from you: Which elf? products were profits? Do you agree with my reviews? And which products have failed you? Sound off the comments below!

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