Catfish Recap: Nev Schulman and Nick Young chase Rich Dollaz in Season 7 Episode 21 (2023)

Thecatfishsummarize findingsNew SchulmanwithNick Jung, (aliasSwaggy P) as his co-host this week. Nick is a pro basketball star for the Denver Nuggets and an internet meme sensation. This week's secret includesLove and Hip Hop: New York'sRich Dollaz. See what happened with our recap of Season 7 Episode 21 Sheila & Rich Dollaz.

Catfish recap: Nev Schulman and Swaggy P dive into Instagram affair

Sheila is a 33-year-old single mom from Long Island who is a big fan of the reality show VH1Love and Hip Hop: New York.While watching the show, one cast member caught her eye, 41-year-old Rich Dollaz. The union rep is an aspiring rapper. So she took a shot and slipped into Dollaz DMs on Instagram with a quick hello. He replied right back.

As far as she could tell, the Insta was the real deal, verified with a blue tick and over a million followers. Sheila got in touchCatfish: The TV Showfor help. For eight months, she spoke to someone she thought was Rich Dollaz. But she's frustrated because he won't give her his numbers or FaceTime. Sheila suggested the two meet, but she was gunned down.

Do you know how funny it is when Nick actually made his question mark meme???#Catfish

– Coco Dani (@90scleverdeaf)December 13, 2018

Nev and Nick take Catfish to Long Island

Nev Schulman and Nick Young are skeptical about meeting online, but Instagram is legitimate. The two traveled to the Long Island suburbs, where Sheila waited anxiously outside a brick home. She leads the DM detective duo down to a basement apartmentCatfish.The pad has more zebras than the Bronx zoo. Then Sheila reveals the details of her crush on Rich Dollaz.

He portrays himself as a creep on the show, but she thinks he really wants to settle down. Especially with her. She agrees that the two can review the thread that goes way back. There are many messages from "Rich" asking for sexy videos and nudes. Sheila complied with his requests with some racy videos and Nickgets an eyeAnCatfish:The TV show.

We're broken out here#Catfishtonight at 9/

— Nev Schulman (@NevSchulman)December 13, 2018

Sheila - sexy poet or creepy stalker?

Sheila admits she even went so far as to write a poem for Rich Dollaz. Nick calls her a little crazy at this point. Nev Schulman wants to hear the ode to theL&HStar and Sheila throw themselves down. She raps the poem and it's something like "why you want strippers, creeps and freaks, it's deep". It's not Shakespeare, but it makes a point.

She also sent him bride and baby emojis. Nick tells her she's getting a little stalkerishCatfish: The TV Show.Nick's suggestion that she soften the DMs falls flat. She is convinced that it is real between her and Dollaz. She even makes Photoshop pictures of them together. Nev is trying to hide his eye roll here.The crazy gaugeis now off the charts.

Nick asks if shelove and hip hopIn return, Crush sent her sexy pictures. Sheila says no, but she has been looking at his leaked files like everyone else. Hard eye roll here, something is wrong. Is she the one Swaggy P and Nev Schulman should be investigating?

Sheila was both shocked and excited to see this@richdollaz, only to find out he's only come to clear his name and reveal the truth#Catfish! ?

— Wels (@CatfishMTV)December 13, 2018

Like sand through the hourglass - These are the days of our lies

Co-host Nick Young and Nev Schulman head to a hip coffee shop to get to the bottom of things. Nev spots a large hourglass and turns it over to set a time frame to solve the Long IslandCatfish: The TV ShowSecret. First order of business: reach Dollaz personally. MTV and VH1 are sister networks, so Nev uses his connections to get information.

An MTV assistant can verify that Dollaz Instagram is true blue check verified and that he is the only one using it. The sand pours through the hourglass as the boys go through the account. His mood is that of a younger person. Nev's MTV contact provided a phone number for Rich Dollaz. Two phone calls result in an outgoing message from someone named Jose. huh?

Oh...oh Sheila...she's not ready for the world if she thinks she's talking to the real Rich Dollaz.#Catfish

— The Exception (@OigoLasVoces)December 13, 2018

Swaggy P Schools Nev via SMS

Nev wants to leave a text messageCatfish: The TV Showto see what's going on but wriggles how to phrase it? Hey brother? What works? Swaggy P takes over and types out the perfect line, "What's up son, what's good, tryna holla for you about something?".

Dollaz doesn't call back, so the duo go back to inform Sheila. She's nervous but wants to keep believing in her hip-hop fairy tale. A phone pings and yes it's Dollaz! He wants to meet up at a park in NYC as soon as possible. The trio head off to see who they got in the endcatfishline.

Still SHAKE!#Wels

— Wels (@CatfishMTV)December 13, 2018

A Family Affair - Rich Dollaz Rogue Nephew

For a moment, Sheila smiles and phew! There standing in all hisLove and Hip Hop: New YorkGlory is none other than Rich Dollaz! As they get closer, it's obvious that he really has no idea who she is or what she istalk about.It appears that Rich has handed control of his Instagram over to his 20-year-old nephew, Rove. Sheila looks like she's about to throw up, but it's only getting worse.

Dollaz graciously apologizes to Long Island woman and swears he's taking back his insta like NOWRenegade nephew Rove arrives, draped in gold chains and grinning. catfishHost Nev calls him out on the fact that he knew he lied to Sheila and took advantage of it. Rove believes he did nothing wrong and that it was all just a game.

Dear people who are fished. Please stop sending nude pictures of yourself to someone you've never video chatted with!#Catfish

— Samaja (@samajanoomi)December 13, 2018

Sheila - Addicted to catfish

Rove is on the defense, claiming girls slide into his uncle's DMs all the time. So if he can snap some nudes, it's all good. Nick and Nev school him in the basics of human decency, but he still seems clueless.

Sheila is disgusted and upset. Rove offers a half-hearted apology. Sheila returns to Long Island. The boys contact Sheila three months later. She's rocking a new red hairdo and is "talking" to someone new online.

We have to make sure that Sheila doesn't get caught by someone else#Catfish! ?

— Wels (@CatfishMTV)December 13, 2018

It's deja vu for Nev and Nick as it's another celebrity Sheila talks to online. It's time to wrap up this week's cautionary tale, also known asCatfish: The TV Show.Rove receives a check-up call from Nev and Swaggy P, and again apologizes for learning that the chick giving up nudes is still a woman at the end of the day.

Save your passwords until next week!

Check back at SoapDirtoften for everyoneyourcatfishRecaps, news and spoilers.

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