AOC's 'Tax The Rich' dress at the MET Gala 2021 caused controversy on Twitter (2023)

The United States CongresswomanAlexandria Ocasio-Cortezis quite firm in its stance on taxing the rich. She has repeated those words in her campaign addresses, in Congress, and on every platform she is given. Now she has also brought these words to the back of her white dress at the MET Gala 2021. However, this time it seems soAOCsThe "Tax the Rich" dress at the MET Gala 2021 has caused controversy on Twitter, even in left-wing circles.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rocked a Tax the Rich gown at the 2021 MET Gala

AOC has served as the US Representative for New York's 14th congressional district since 2019 and has been something of a rock star ever since. She is one of the young new faces to emerge in the Democratic Party giving a voice to the working class in America. One of the many policies it encourages is higher taxation of the top 1%, apart from thatGreen New Deal, and other advanced agendas. But this time, AOC has taken it to another level as far as the slogans go.

Invited to the 2021 MET Gala, she wore a dress that has once again split Twitter over political lines. It was a gorgeous white strapless dress from Brooklyn-based designer brand Brother Vellies, but with a big political statement on the back. Scrawled in red was "Tax the Rich." It was certainly an eye catcher as this dress seems to be the one that got the most traction on social media.

AOC's 'Tax The Rich' dress at the MET Gala 2021 caused controversy on Twitter (1)

.@AOCand@AuroraJamesmerged for 2021#MetGala. They talk about the meaningful look of AOC and James@15ProzentPledge

– Vogue-Magazin (@voguemagazine)14.09.2021

Later, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also shared the purpose behind the dress as well as the design team and continued writingInstagram:

Proud to be collaborating with Aurora James, a sustainability-minded black immigrant designer who went from founding her dream Brother Vellies in a Brooklyn flea market to winning the CFDA against all odds — and then working together to open the doors of the Met to open.
The time is now for childcare, health care and climate protection for all. Tax the rich.

(Video) Met Gala 2021: AOC’s ‘Tax the Rich’ dress creates firestorm of controversy


Her dress received criticism – from the left and from the right

Now, Tax the Rich has always drawn plenty of criticism from those on the right who don't believe in progressive taxation. The difference this time, however, is that AOC also received criticism from the left for the dress. Many Twitter users stressed that this was merely "performative activism" and that AOC had no intention of doing anything meaningful by wearing this dress. Many emphasized that the only AOC with migrant workers promoted with this stunt was a Canadian fashion designer, as some of the tweets said:

AOC: “My fashion designer is an immigrant. ✊🏽”

She immigrated from Toronto.

— Grace 🌾 (@graceisforyou)14.09.2021

Additionally, many users pointed out that AOC wore an expensive dress to a gathering of the wealthiest elite in the United States while saying "Tax the Rich." To her, that was just blatant hypocrisy. A ticket to the 2021 MET Gala alone cost around $35,000, making her dress utterly tongue-in-cheek. Even Piers Morgan called her a hypocrite and wrote about it in hispillar:

The socialist congresswoman has spent the last few years lecturing the world on the planet-destroying evils of materialistic, bland, obscenely ostentatious capitalism.
But here she danced the red carpet in front of the most materialistic, empty, obscenely ostentatious example of capitalism imaginable - surrounded by hundreds of the richest and most privileged people in American society.

"It was a tough choice between my Tax the Rich dress or my Kids in Cages pantsuit...I'm glad I chose the dress."

(Video) AOC Wears 'Tax The Rich' Dress To The Met Gala And Twitter Melts Down

— David Michael 🇭🇹 🇸🇾 🇾🇪 🇻🇪 🇮🇷 🇵🇸 (@michael_david41)14.09.2021

A masked assistant prepares AOC and her Tax the Rich dress for the Met Gala. A Vogue profile about the outfit she posed for described the event as "fashion's most dazzling night". The custom-made dress doesn't have a price tag, but the Brother Vellies shoes appear to cost around $

– Bruce Fenton (@brucefenton)14.09.2021

From the shameless hypocrisy of AOC & De Blasio to the disastrous fashion trainwrecks on the red carpet, this year's Met Gala has finally jumped the shark and needs to be put out of its misery (on the other hand, Kim Kardashian never looked better! )

– Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan)14.09.2021

However, it is important to note that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been invited to the 2021 MET Gala. She clarified in a tweet:

And before haters run wild, elected New York officials are routinely invited to and attended the Met because of our responsibility in overseeing and supporting the city's cultural institutions to the public. I was one of several present that evening.

Some also supported AOC and their Tax the Rich dress, but most people thought it was superficial

Despite the outrage, there was a fair share of her supporters as well. Many people believed that this outrage at a mere dress that nevertheless conveyed his message indicated sexism. Also, even if it's performative, it didn't really hurt anyone and most just walked by unmolested.

* Inbox full of messages about…. a dress that wore AOC*



People get angry about the strangest things.

— Fifth Column Beau (@BeauTFC)14.09.2021
(Video) AOC’s ”Tax The Rich” Dress at Met Gala Stirs Controversy

I didn't bother with the AOC Meet Gala thing at all and now I'm negatively polarized and think it was actually good

— James Medlock (@jdcmedlock)14.09.2021

However, there was a general acknowledgment from most of those on the left that this political statement from AOC felt a little unmusical and performative at best. They went on to say that AOC only wanted to be in the "Party of the Rich". They weren't particularly outraged by what she said, but they understood how shallow the message came across.

Girl, AOC wanted to go to the rich man's party. That's it.

– Kimberly Nicole Foster (@KimberlyNFoster)14.09.2021

AOC responds to the criticism

Unlike other politicians, AOC does not shy away from criticism and tries to face it head-on. For someone who has faced harsh criticism in the past, this is nothing new to her. She said she was used to being "relentlessly monitored" from across the political spectrum but was not cautious about her actions. She said on her Instagram story:

(Video) AOC wears 'tax the rich' dress to Met Gala 2021

I thought about the criticism I would get, but honestly, since the moment I won my election, I and my body have been so heavily and relentlessly politically monitored on all sides that it's kind of expected and has become normal for me . The irony is that when women in power embrace the prospect of criticism in order to act cautiously, they are then criticized for being "inauthentic" and "too calculated." Ultimately, the haters hated and the people who think were thoughtful. But we all had a conversation about taxing the rich in front of the very people who oppose it, and broke the 4th wall of excess and spectacle.

AOC's 'Tax The Rich' dress at the MET Gala 2021 caused controversy on Twitter (2)

Additionally, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was critical of American culture, saying she was particularly hateful towards women, especially women of color. Pointing out the hypocrisy of people who do not criticize men for similar acts, she continued:

Frankly, our culture is deeply disdainful and unsupportive of women, particularly women of color and working class (and LGBTQ/immigrant/etc.) women from the ground up — be it a lack of childcare support or, particularly, reserving the pillory for elected ones women and female persons. The more crossings one has, the deeper the contempt. I'm so used to doing exactly the same thing as men - including popular male progressive elected officials - and getting a completely different reaction. All I can do is acknowledge this reality and make choices about who I am and how I will grow throughout my life!

Congresswoman reveals she wasn't the only elected official at the 2021 MET Gala

AOC also then announced that she was just one of many elected officials at the 2021 MET Gala. And that NYC residents can attend the gala for very little money, and concluded her response with:

For example, did you know that many elected officials attend regularly due to our responsibility to keep cultural venues open to the public? That I was one of many yesterday? Did you know that if you live in the NYC area, you can go to the Met (including the same costume show the rich saw last night) for as little $ as you want?

As the discourse on socialism in America increases every day, it is difficult to get away with such escapades. As the public becomes more aware of this, they will hold their leaders to a higher standard than the rest. So if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is to continue her agenda of taxing the rich, she must do so through meaningful channels, not through an expensive dress worn at an event exclusive to the elite.

However, the criticism she received seemed extraordinarily vile compared to other elected officials.

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(Video) Right-Wing Media Attacks AOC's 'Tax the Rich' Met Gala Dress


Who is AOC brother? ›

She has a younger brother named Gabriel.

What is the theme for the 2021 Met Gala? ›

Each year, event organizers give the gala a theme to inspire attendees' looks. This year's theme was coined “In America: An Anthology of Fashion,” the finale of a two-part exhibit that explores sartorial narratives in American fashion. The 2021 theme was titled “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.”

What church is AOC? ›

The African Orthodox Church (AOC), registered as the Holy African Orthodox Church, is an Episcopalian, primarily African-American denomination which was founded in the United States in 1918 by the joint collaboration of its first Patriarch George Alexander McGuire and Marcus M. Garvey.

What is AOC real first name? ›

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (/oʊˌkɑːsioʊ kɔːrˈtɛz/; born October 13, 1989), also known by her initials as AOC, is an American democratic socialist politician and activist. She became the U.S. Representative for New York's 14th congressional district in 2019.

What actually happens at the Met Gala? ›

It includes a cocktail hour and a formal dinner. During the cocktail hour, guests arrive to walk on the red carpet, tour the year's special themed exhibition, and be seated before the dinner party that includes entertainment from the preeminent entertainers of the day.

What is the purpose of Met Gala? ›

The Met Gala raises money for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute — a collection of more than 33,000 pieces of clothing, jewelry and accessories that documents fashion from the 1400s to now. Media reports estimate the annual galas have raised more than $200 million for the Institute.

What is the reason for Met Gala? ›

The gala is a fundraiser dedicated to New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute – formally named The Anna Wintour Costume Center, in homage to the American Vogue's editor-in-chief, who has been a chair member of the museum's gala since 1995.

What religion is Calvary Assembly of God? ›

Affiliates of Calvary Chapel believe in the fundamental doctrines of evangelical Christianity, which include the inerrancy of the Bible and the Trinity.

What kind of religion is Alliance Church? ›

The Alliance is an evangelical Protestant denomination within the Higher Life movement of Christianity, teaching a modified form of Keswickian theology.

What religion is the Gospel Coalition? ›

Beliefs. The denomination has an evangelical and Reformed confession of faith. Members are from a broad geographic and denominational spectrum (Anglicans, Baptists, Free Church pastors, Independents, Presbyterians).

Does AOC have a partner? ›

Who was the man behind AOC? ›

Saikat Chakrabarti
EducationHarvard University (BA)
OccupationPolitical activist
Known forFormer chief of staff to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Political partyDemocratic
3 more rows

What does Ocasio name mean? ›

Ocasio is a Spanish surname found mostly in Puerto Rico. It is ostensibly from the Spanish word "ocasión" meaning "occasion", but its use as a surname is not clear. Notable people with the surname include: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (born 1989), American politician and activist.

How much does it cost to go to the Met Gala? ›

The event raises money for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's fashion department. It is organized by Vogue Magazine and is by invitation only. According to Vogue, editor-in-chief Anna Wintour approves each of the more than 500 invitees. Tickets are $35,000 each.

Do celebrities eat at the Met Gala? ›

Caterers sometimes serve food directly onto the plates of celebrities and high-profile attendees.

Do spouses sit next to each other at Met Gala? ›

Strict seating arrangements

“A lot of thought goes into who sits next to who, if they sat together last year, if they've sat next to each other at other events, so much goes into it, it's shocking,” Ward Durrett said. According to Ward Durrett, spouses are never seated next to each other.

Who owns the Met Gala? ›

Who owns the Met Gala? Vogue's Anna Wintour, who has run the gala since 1995, wore feathery Chanel and a jeweled tiara that has been in her family since 1910.

Who decides who goes to the Met Gala? ›

It's up to Anna Wintour. The Vogue editor doesn't not only approves every single person on the guest list, but she also picks the seating charts and everyone's outfits.

Do celebrities pay to attend the Met Gala? ›

Taking advantage of their position and millions of fan following, many celebrities are most of the time are invited to the event by the big fashion brands, who pay for their ticket.

Why is the Met Gala so extravagant? ›

The Met Gala as a Pop Culture Phenomenon

Although it is a fundraiser for The Met, the lavish party is almost solely for the public eye. Designers take the opportunity to showcase their best work, meaning that the biggest stars are wearing incredibly intricate, creative and often outrageous outfits.

Who are AOC siblings? ›

Who are AOC parents? ›

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Who is the head of the AOC? ›

Chakrabarti led the Ocasio-Cortez staff and several progressive groups in writing the Green New Deal resolution that was submitted to the House of Representatives by Ocasio-Cortez and to the Senate by Ed Markey February 7, 2019.

What is AOC nationality? ›

What nationality is Riley Roberts? ›

When and where was AOC born? ›

What does Riley Roberts do for a living? ›

Who is AOC mom? ›

Who are the parents of Sandy Cortez? ›

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Who opposed the AOC? ›

The Anti-Federalists

They complained that the new system threatened liberties, and failed to protect individual rights.

What does AOC stand for in court? ›

Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) means the Judiciary's administrative office that assists in providing guidance to the 15 judicial districts, or vicinages, under the authority granted by the State Constitution to the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court and the Administrative Director of the Courts in the ...


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