[33+] Telegram Groups Kenya Link List - TelegramPapa (2023)

[33+] Telegram Groups Kenya Link List - TelegramPapa (1)

Here we present you the link list of Telegram groups Kenya to provide you with the best Telegram groups. We focus on finding Telegram groups that fit everyone's needs. Be sure to read the entire list to find the best Telegram group channels for you. So let's take a look at our first list of Telegram groups in Kenya.

Kenyan summaryConnectKenyan summary
Job offers KenyaconnectJob offers Kenya
Crypto.com Kenyaconnect Crypto.com Kenya
NTV KenyaconnectNTV Kenya
The Kenyan SpectatorconnectThe Kenyan Spectator
Tuko.co.ke Kenya NewsconnectTuko.co.ke Kenya News
MadLipz Kenya – JulesconnectMadLipz Kenya – Jules
Kenyan Mafise TeamconnectKenyan Mafise Team
security updatesConnectsecurity updates
Business KenyaconnectBusiness Kenya
Kenyan timesconnectKenyan times
Kenyan androidsConnectKenyan androids
Online Business KenyaconnectOnline Business Kenya

The following section is all about the best channels or groups in Kenya. These groups or channels have at least 1000 subscribers or members. Thus, an active and great experience is offered in Telegram. Most often these are news, gossip channels and groups. You can also find jobs, education, and crypto-related channels.

Kenyan Wall Street

The business related news telegram channel in Kenya and the whole region. Provides lots of detailed news, market movements and updates from high profile companies in Kenya. It's a better place to get news if you are a forex trader, stock market investor or local businessman. Has more than 7000 subscribers in this news channel hungry for business news. It's a better place to gather information about companies and the current situation in the country, although it doesn't directly affect you. Most of them are detailed reports and some areas are blog articles.Join a group.

Sun-drenched central Kenya

A telegram channel for job postings that posts many vacancies per day. Internships, scholarships and job offers related to education and work are published here. It is a very active channel posting 8-9 news about jobs, scholarships and internships. This channel has about 28,000 subscribers and if you are a business owner looking to hire a professional or an intern, you've come to the right place. Contact the channel administrator to publish your ad.Join a group.

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Insights into Kenya

A Kenyan Telegram channel that aims to deliver not only business news but other news as well. You can find daily news when they post an update. They are also a very active Telegram channel, delivering 6-10 detailed messages per day. However, you may not share all articles (news) on Telegram channel, maybe only some top news. Since this channel is for all kinds of news to collect economic news or other categorized news, it is not good for you. Since it was more focused on general news. Has almost 19,000 subscribers on this channelJoin a group.

African Nation

The aim is to deliver breaking news in the region. This channel features news from Kenya, Africa. They post so much that there are at least 20 messages a day. In fact, they share the posts of the top media sites with the channel and provide a simple, detailed message to the subscribers. He shares statistics, business news and political news. This channel still has almost 3000 subscribers but it will increase as it updates more content.Join a group.

Jobs in Kenya

A telegram channel with vacancies more focused on posted vacancies. Currently the channel has more than 4000 subscribers. Also, video artist, animator, photographer, and graphic designer jobs are advertised to fill a wider range of career fields.Join a group.

PHP Kenya

[33+] Telegram Groups Kenya Link List - TelegramPapa (2)
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Photo credit: PHP-Fusion Inc, CC BY-SA 4.0https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A Kenyan Telegram group for PHP only. You can use this group to ask for help on PHP in your own language, and you can also use this group to hire people for your projects. This group is always helping other people to find solutions to coding errors. You can ask about other programming language problems to get help from the members. Due to the overly specific category and name, this group only has 1,200 members. As we have seen, 10% of all members of the group are online at any given time. That means you have a high chance of getting an answer as soon as possible.Join a group.

The Star Kenya

A channel intended to provide breaking news and gossip news. Unlike the above channels, this channel also features gossip news. About politicians, actors and other well-known personalities. Also, this channel publishes global news that they think is important. Has more than 5000 subscribers.Join a group.

Citizen TV Kenya

A Telegram channel from a leading television station in Kenya. Provides updates on news, breaking news. Offers entertainment videos. Posts about their TV show to be promoted on the channel. Post 20-30 messages per day and you will get all the news from this channel. Because it is a responsible medium in the country, it is unlikely to publish misinformation. Join these 28,000 subscribers to receive daily news via your favorite messaging app.Join a group.


Paxful Kenyan Community

Kenya community for the Paxful platform. Paxful is used for P2P transactions for the countries where buying cryptocurrencies is prohibited. Anyone can buy crypto from local currencies on this platform. However, this group is not intended for purchase. Conduct transactions only through the platform. Also, members of this group suggest new altcoins and opportunities. Shares news and predictions about the future market movements on some coins and can get their opinion on things you will do. Has more than 10,000 members in this group.Join a group.

Binance Kenya

Official Binance Telegram group for Kenyans. Binance is also a P2P cryptocurrency buying and trading platform. You can get daily updates about the evolution of the market and future predictions of the market. This group has more than 5000 members. Never transact from the group, just use the platform itself to transact.Join a group.

Ai Kenya Community

AI development and knowledge sharing group. Mainly shares great learning materials on ever-changing AI technologies. Best for programmers who are willing to learn AI. Also, professionals can get opportunities from this group to participate in ongoing amazing projects to gain and expand knowledge. currently has more than 1000 members. Can ask for some bugs when creating an AI. So that the group members help you to solve the problem.Join a group.

OMGVoice Kenya

Kenya's viral social media videos and viral memes are shared on this channel. This maintains more than 21000 subscribers just like you. Has a higher number of news views, which proves the quality of the news. Great funny video clips and photos are shared as messages. It is an active channel posting 3-9 videos and photos per day.Join a group.


Brian Kenia Horton

A telegram channel for forex trading. It aims to provide learning materials, support and signals for forex trading. Currently the channel has more than 4000 subscribers. He also promotes his own video tutorials.Join a group.


Another Kenyan meme Telegram channel. Post 5-7 quality memes on the channel to keep people entertained. Not as many funny videos are posted, but more photo memes. The channel currently has 1200 subscribers. It also has an amazing number of views per post. At least 2000 views for each post. The group owner does a nice job for the channel's name.Join a group.

About Telegram groups in Kenya:

These are all the quality and active Telegram groups of Kenya that we could find. We'll be updating this list frequently to keep you up to date with the latest trending groups/channels. Also, we have included many groups and channels suitable for anyone who has read this article. Our goal is to give Telegram users what they want. It's not easy to find groups without someone inviting you.

However, there are many types of groups and channels on our list. We might also find cryptocurrency related groups to make sure interested people can get them. If you are an admin or participant of a great active Telegram group, be sure to comment on the invite link. This will make more participants join your channel or group. There are many other country-specific channels, groups Lists are available for viewing.

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